Let Save The Planet For Our Future Children

No one can deny the fact that all of us have been taught about the importance of environment in our education system and the key role played by the forests in maintaining the ecological and life cycle balance. Trees and plants play a major role; they act as the natural recycling, they purify the atmosphere by absorbing the toxic carbon dioxide exhaled by humans and releasing the oxygen. And as we know that the roots of trees hold the soil and prevent floods.

It is true that our quality of life has indeed improved over the past decades. Nowadays, we enjoy living conditions that our ancestors could never dreamed of due to the new technological advances. They have greatly improved our daily life; we can make them more efficient and enjoy more conveniences than ever.

The human productivity development and many great achievements have been accomplished in last years, in almost every area, let the majority holds the opinion that the planet earth has certainly been turned into a much beautiful world than it was in ancient time and the technological changes contribute to making our life more secure and wonderful. Besides, this majority seldom recognize the importance of the environment.

As far as I am concerned, I believe that the new technological advances not only bring us gold but also damages and waste, just as the English famous proverb goes “Every coin has two sides”. The issue of whether technological advances have had negative impact on our society and bad effects on our planet. Therefore, they have brought about a lot of serious problems, in other words their bad influences far outweigh their benefits. Several persuasive reasons go as follow:

First of all, deforestation is a result of industrial and automobile emissions and manufacture of paper and furniture from timber and wood, and also the nuclear activities which they are more vulnerable to damage the environment than anything else. If this trend continues like that, there is no doubt that the earth planet will become a dry planet in upcoming years.

Secondly, many species of living beings like animals and plants died out or near died out because of human daily bad activities. Human beings have been using this priceless and replaceable fortune in an illogical way. Consequently, animals and plants cannot grow as fast as they think to satisfy them endlessly. A further more subtle point to put to death carnivorous animals must cause an increment in the number of herbivores, which must consume more plants and trees. As well as, population on the earth exacerbates rapidly and it needs more food and shelters.

Thirdly, resources such as oil, petroleum, minerals and even water are not endless. Today we can only drink bottled water bought from the market not like we used to drink it from the river and stream, because natural water is polluted by industrial wastes. In other words, there is shortage of it all over the world. Once depleted of these valuable resources, our life would be difficult.

The last but not the least, many researchers show that human beings find difficulty with aspiration. Air in some Metropolitan cities is polluted very badly, so many people died of cancer. When taking into account of all these factors mentioned above we may safely arrive at the conclusion that our planet is being harmed by human activity. We cannot eat healthy foods, breathe fresh air and drink natural water. I wonder how long “our home” the earth can endure!

In order to save the world and also ourselves, we ought to limit our demands from nature and use the technological advances in a sustainable way.

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