There is always something about the last few days of December-excitement, fear, anticipation and hope for the new year to precede. While we embark on new journey of a new year of life, it never turns out the way we have hoped for. Like always, life makes us face adversity and pass through difficult hurdles. If not, then lucky you!

But, such deadlocks of life are only disguised as a life lesson for us.

We may not accept them initially, but a few things- do hit hard. They stay with us in form of lessons – that linger on….

We asked you about such lessons that 2016 is leaving behind and here are some…  picked for you all to read and to reflect upon.


1) Don’t Let Someone Change You

“ Those most closest to you will fail you and not treat you the way you expect even when you give your all. How painful this is. I choose to continue to be who I am. I refuse to let anyone change me into someone bitter.”
                                Eileen Franco Reyes


2) Be Careful With People

  “ Be careful about what kind of people you surround yourself with, who you trust, who are you                      
   giving your precious energy away to. Be careful with people.”
                             Dasha Wright


3) 2016 Was Sure A Roller-Coaster Ride

“Everything can be, everything is possible in this life I changed the direction of my life in only 3 months ..2016 was not easy and will not be easy to be forgotten..cheers!”
                                Ghofy Kalai

4) Never Close Your Heart

“No matter how good you are at work or for someone , remember – you can be replaced. And one more thing. No matter how painful your experiences have been , do not close your heart for protection. Leave it open as you might miss something that could make you alive again”.
                                Eva Evelyn


5) “To Err Is To Be Human”

“Never argue politics or’s better to let it be and keep the one really knows everything in life until they experience it “To err is to be human”. I’ve have learned that experience is the best teacher in life.”
                                Debra Pry


6) It’s All About Acceptance

  “It is still the same grains of sand that travel with each turn of a hour glass but with each passing year we view       
  each grain differently.”
                                Ellie May McCann


7) Let people be..

 “Accept people for who they are, not who you want them to be or who you hoped they’d be.”
                                Sameeka Smith


8) Point/S To Be Noted

  1. Never rush into love. If it’s meant to be, it will find its way to you. 
  2. Patience will teach us some of the greatest lessons in life
  3. Being grateful all the time is the key to staying positive.
                                Diana Sumbe