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Learn How To Hold What Hurts

learn how to hold what hurts

Learn how to hold what hurts.

The sorrow we sit with may have no solution. The loss that we have lived through may have no bow, no wrap, no box to be placed in. The most unimaginable events of our lives come without answers. They ask to be witnessed but offer no promise of spectacular resolve, just a quiet deepening of our relationship with ourself over time. Sometimes with the most painful of processes, there is only steady learning of how to be with it, refusing to leave yourself because of it.

Those things untenable that have happened to us, happened. This we must accept. Their meanings have to be detangled from our sense of self and worth, but the imprint they have made upon us is unchangeable. Their impact was undeniable. The act of acknowledging them is a gateway to a new relationship with what pains us, a gateway that hopefully leads to blessings greater than the harm done to us.”
– Chani Nicholas