Just Because It Didn’t Last Forever, Doesn’t Mean It Wasn’t Love

Didn’t Last Forever

Every relationship is subjected to change so if it didn’t last forever, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t loved.

As this season comes to a close, I was just reflecting on the romances around me that begun and ended this season, One question that ponders again and again in my mind that what exactly makes a successful love story.

I don’t have a definite answer to this. Let’s try to analyze if true love can exist less than eternity. I came across a couple and this is their story.

It was a stormy night and They were high on spirits. They met at a bar. The Music was on,  He wanted a single malt on the rocks and she was asking for her regular Vodka. While waiting for their Drinks, they looked at each other and the Magic began!

It was a Night to Remember! They Had a Good time, they exchanged contact details and parted away kissing Goodbye.

Soon, they started meeting every day, they were always together, Yes, they were in love. They were such a great couple.

Every time I saw them I felt they just came out from the movie screen. completely in love, the kind of love we all dream of. They were Soulmates. Everything was perfect.

But with my utmost surprise, they parted away after 4 long years!

What happened to their magical love? Did they lose that Magic?

Was it Not Love?

Love is the most heavenly feeling that you can experience in life. In fact, it is the kind of feeling that makes the things fall in place; it is the kind of feeling that makes you feel special and cared for; it is the kind of feeling that helps you to understand the meaning of a genuine sacrifice; so, it is the most blissful feeling ever.

We have grown up reading the lovely fairy tales that have imprinted the notion of a kind of love that is perfect and that lasts forever. This is perhaps the reason why some of us believe that a true love is only that kind of love which lasts for an eternity.

You have to realize that love is not perfect. You cannot define love as a feeling between two people that persists forever like the fairy tales have made us believe.

If we, the human beings, are not perfect, how can you ever expect us to portray and live the feeling of love in a perfect manner?

Love has its own definitions depending upon the relationship and the compatibility of various couples. The definition of love is completely relative and it depends on the bonding between two people who are in love.

Quite often, it is seen that even the strongest couples are not able to help their relationship survive forever. However, does that mean that their love has come to an end? No!

Love is a moment of complete happiness. It is a moment when you understand each other and care for each other. It is a moment when you think of the betterment of your better half more than your own good.

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It is a moment when everything that falls apart can be brought back piece by piece and fixed in unison. And, if you are lucky enough, this moment will last forever.

From lasting for a day to lasting till both of you die in each other’s arms, this moment of love exists. You cannot deny that you do not miss the beautiful moments even though you don’t experience them anymore. It may so happen that you don’t miss your ex-lover outright.

However, whether you admit it or not, deep down, in the bottom of your heart, you still crave for that person and you still smile in nostalgia when you recall the good times spent in love once upon a time.

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