It is not the lies that we tell others

 July 08, 2018

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It is not the lies that we tell others



It is not the lies 
that we tell others 
but what we tell ourselves 
that hang us. 
Geri Baltan


When lies become our reality, 
we allow them to kill our true self.
Rinku Shah


We know the Pinocchio effect.
And yet the lies we collect.
Till it’s a noose around our neck,
What you speak 
should be under check! 
Sulekha Pande

The rope of lies,
is long enough,
to eventually hang us.


Fabi Ola


Don’t kill yourself with your lies. 
Honesty is the best policy.
John Kitch


The more lies you tell,
the more you tighten the noose around your own neck.


Sal Cook Kirk


You will end up
hanging your own self
with all the lies you tell.

Stephen Ulrich


Your lies
will be your demise

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