In your eyes, as a romantic

I’m a romantic,

And as a romantic,
My words may seem too good to be true,
Or so they say that isn’t love that is obsession,
My actions seem too dull to speak for itself,

But let me tell this to the rest of the world,
Poems aren’t written with pure thoughts,
Songs didn’t come from empty hearts,
Words doesn’t come out of our lips,
Without emotion,

Not all writers are sad,
But everyone that writes is sad,

This is our way of speaking,
As we are tried of speaking through our mouths,
We simply write,
To all of those whom are unknowing,

I feel sorry for those who looks for love,
Because they need help,
I feel sorry for those who looks for love,
But doesn’t want to give it,

We the romantics,
May look deceiving,
But we all want you to know,

That it isn’t our fault,
For doing it all,
For giving everything,
For loving all the way,
For loving unselfishly,
For the glory of love of course,
Because everything is all about love now,
Isn’t it?

Shame on those fools,
Who used the word love to fuel their desires,
Shame on those fools,
Who used the word love to gain control of someone’s emotions.

But we would also like you to know,
That yes people like us still exist,

We exist and we are willing to give and risk everything that we have,
All for the glory of love,

We are simply passionate to the way we love.

And yes, me too,
Am willing,
To sacrifice my happiness,
In exchange of the person I love’s happiness.

Because my dear friend it isn’t the eyes that sees love,
It is the heart that feels it,

And who cares who believes in us,
Who cares when we all know,
We all have it in our souls,

It is within us,
Yes us,
You and me.

So do me a favor,
Ask yourself
“Are you truly happy?”
“Are you just comfortable?”

Because life with richness is empty without love in it,

Trust me I know that well.

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