Impress Me With Your Brain

Impress Me With Your Brain
Sarrvesh Waran

Impress me with your brain;
with your thoughts;
with your words,
because that’s what
turns me on.

Arunima Bhardwaj

The thoughts that you think
Are more important than you know.
Impregnating the mind,
These are the seeds that you sow.
They have the power to make you,
And can destroy you too.
Choosing each of them wisely
You can make your dreams come

Karthik Parthasarathy

As thoughts enter the brain,
Ideas get conceived,
Nurture it as your main,
Monitor it as you see fit.
When the time is right,
Deliver it the best possible way,
Your idea is your baby alright,
Never have it any other way.

Rinku Shah

Mind is like a womb,
Let’s assume.
Constantly swimming in thoughts,
Like a puzzle to connect the dots.
Train your mind,
To be receptive and kind.
May the strongest one
adhere and unite,
Leading us to the light!

Hrisha Paul

Millions of thoughts roaming.
Gearing up, the race is always on.
But not all can bloom to life.
One of them reaches,
fertilizes the ground of new emergence.
The game continues fueling
the whole cycle of existence.

Anindya J Ganguly

In an haven of drizzle dots
Bubbled sperms of thoughts
Sought for scintillant source of life
But they sprout like voiceless shrubs
Floating in alluring dark
Sparkling like the sprinting sparks
As dossiers of shrouded clouds
Preparing to be lost for life
In a maze of doubts.

Sulekha Pande

Let your mind conceive empty thoughts,
and color them with your vision,
the best thought will bring glory,
that’s the power of imagination…

Shannon Nixon

Don’t let your mind
be impregnated by
someone’s empty promises.

Debra Pry

Make love to my mind,
and my body will follow.

Maree Demiris

Nothing like
intellectual intercourse.

Jazmine Rojas

Mind Fuck.

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