If You Want Me To Fall in Love With You.

If you want me to fall in love with you…

Then don’t make me think I fall in love, when it’s something to be created by both of us.

Don’t make me believe that you choose me because, we have so much in common, or because you think I am attractive, or you want to tell the world that you too have something and that something called girlfriend/boyfriend. Just don’t settle for anything.

But if you choose me, then make me fall for you when you are not afraid of your own feelings or emotions, when you see me as challenge, a challenge for growing together, when we have so little in common.

Then make me fall for you when you not afraid to hug me or kiss me or hold my hands in public. Then make me fall when you are not afraid to introduce me to your family and accept me whole heart.

And then I will accept you as my most important person other then me. Then I will accept you as my lover and I am not afraid of it. Because it’s something we don’t do as we like but we do what is right. And then I might create a love with you. Then we can say we are in love.

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