If you want her for the rose She is

If you want her for the rose She is
Donna Howard

If you want her for the rose she is,
you need to be able to
brave a few thorns.

Gracie Ylo

A Rose adored and loved by many,
Yet no one dared to pick
She sits and wait for ‘he’ who is brave
and be ready for a prick.

Hrisha Paul

She knows the thorns
as much as she knows the flower.
Without the sharp pricks
all along the journey,
she could never bloom
to a rose and spread smiles.

Ravina Jain

Thorns lay beside her;
she chose to surpass them all,
Amidst the chaos and struggles,
she chose to stand fierce and tall~
She grew in all the places,
people thought she never would,
She proved them wrong and withheld,
because she could,
She will be wild, difficult to find,
Yet always gentle and always kind~
No matter what life waters her with,
She will not wilt with despair and gloom,
Because she is a chaotic flower,
Always and forever meant to bloom~

Rinku Shah

She is vulnerable and yet strong,
Broken, still fighting against the wrong.
Come near.
Without fear.
Her heart, loud and clear warns
There exists no rose without thorns!

Shan Basabas

If you admire the rose,
don’t despise the thorns,
they are of the same plant;
If you love her, grasp also her flaws
-she is not perfect

Rinku Shah

I am a paradox,
So unorthodox!
Want friends but addicted to solitude,
Suffered because of people
and yet reaching out is my attitude.
Attached and yet so detached.
Nothing about me is mismatched.
Like chaos and calm,
A rose too has its thorns!

Faith Dunsmuir

She is beautiful, captivating,
she represents love.
And although she herself longs to be loved
she has built up her defense
to stop you getting too close.
Oh the irony.


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