If You Never Branch Out

Felicia Holmes

If you never branch out,
there will be no growth.

Richa Kalra

The roots of my Fear
Are sown deep inside
they pull me back
no matter how hard I try;
Clung to a place
where I can only hide

Richa Kalra

Don’t let the roots of fear
Cease your growth;
and let you suffer.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Rooted to a spot,
With no place to go.
Bounded by an unseen force,
With no way to break free.
The state of my life,
In the here and now.
If anyone has to help,
It has to be me.
Got to break free somehow,
The only question is how.

Johnny Lee Sears Jr

Alone in my serenity
To recharge my affinity
For peace of mind and vigor of life
Now rooted, no longer in strife

Divya Tuli Garg

When your roots are deep,
The storms of life can only make you kneel,
You never wither and never slither.
with wings of your courage
you raise above all
And always stand tall.

Sulekha Pande

Loneliness only bogs you down,
in your web of depression, you’re drawn,
you take root, but never grow up,
your soul rots inside and you clam up.

Vicky Verma

When you connect with the universe,
you realize that you are not
what you have always believed
and your Roots are Damn deep…

Sam Titi Pudumo

Deep-rooted in my beliefs,
solitude became my only solace.
Each soul knows what it needs,
to heal itself.

Debra Pry

Harvest your dreams
~So they won’t die.

Rinku Shah

Stay rooted,
your growth will be undisputed!

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