I Think Everybody Should Get Rich And Famous

I Think Everybody Should Get Rich And Famous

I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.

– Jim Carrey –

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    1. I lived under a socialist regime in Hungary. After the Stalinism in the soft communism they told us we are in socialism but the goal to reach the communism. I know you will say this is irrelevant and I don’t know the difference between the two ideology. And I say I know the excuses of the Frankfurt School. You guys on the west become crazy! You don’t know what kind of sock to us ( eastern europien folks ) to find out the socialism survived on the west. The group thinking every time ends up in a tyranny. This time in different form ( neo marxism mixed with postmodern ) but it is the same in the core. Good luck with that!

    2. Allen Williams Yes and you meet too often someone who has a real experience about socialism! At least we called ( Hungary ) the “happiest bunk” in the eastern block. I don’t lie, I have happy childhood, but our generation who born into it, we haven’t missed anything. Around the 80s we had a TV show when every month played one or two clip from the MTV. Just a little history to taste the soft socialism. I never were interested in the politics after the broke of the Soviet Union. But when the left started the BDS movement (I’m not Jew, but a filosemit ) I wanted to learn about the history of the left in the west. I learned a lot about the 68’ers and the postmodern philosophy. I know what I’m talking about. I know what you would say about the northern European democratic socialism like an example and what Bernie Sanders about. I’m not about winning an argument. I’m just advice you to hear the other side a little bit, without prejudice. I have no time also, but I think you are important, like an individual, we need to care each others even we don’t know each others.

  1. Can you expand on that? What do you think/feel might be missing in your life? If you say God then I’m inclined to believe you just might be suffering from a bout of depression.

  2. I don’t usually disagree with him but I do here. If you can do everything you ever wanted to in a single lifetime then you have a very limited view on what there is in life. If I was rich I’d never run out of things to do so I’d never see that it isn’t the answer. Doesn’t that mean it is an answer, even if it’s not the only one?

    1. what will you do when you reach the highest high of material success when you’ve done everything that is possible, what then?
      That’s when you realize all them things are just filling an empty space that will never be filled.
      Why do you think there’s so many depressed rich people? Why do you think they come up with new ways to burn money?

      They become like junkies, always looking for the next thing that will give that same “high”

    2. Marcus Karlsson your very first paragraph indicates you didn’t understand what I said. There is no such thing as doing everything you wish to do unless you have a limited perception of life. This statement of Jim’s may hold true for those of us with mental illness, but that’s the problem, it’s only true for those who are labeled ill, it doesnt hold true for those who don’t struggle.

    3. Also spending money doesn’t fill a void if there isn’t one. If you have money you use it to enhance your life, not become your life. Money creates peace, it allows you to grow as a person, and it allows you to have greater purpose in your life. Just because some people get corrupted by money doesn’t make money the problem.

    4. Iv learned a lot from Jim and I believe you may be simplifying what I’m saying due to repetition of idiots on the internet that you have come across. I’ll ask you this, what do you do once you are enlightened, run off to the desert and isolate yourself? As long as you exist in the reality we perceive you have to have some sort of an ego regardless of how enlightened you may be. You have to have some sort of life you participate in. You can survive and adapt to any lifestyle if you understand Jims message, but you can live a much more full life if you have money. Just so u know I’m not just pulling shit out of my ass for the sake of this discussion I’m also posting a screen shot of a quote of mine that I feel relates to this.

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