I still dwell in the shadows of our memories

I still dwell in the shadows of our memories

Farida Aly



I still dwell in the shadows
 of our memories.


Rinku Shah


When I’m sad
I lean on the memories 
of the good times we had.


Nancy Shurkoff


Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
All that remains
Is the memory of us.
My heart be broken,
My soul be lost,
My forever is gone,
Beyond a shadow of doubt. 


Apeksha Mathur 
The girl who loved unconditionally, 
fears to be someone’s now 
But yearns for a shoulder 
A shoulder to hold her 
Arms to caress her fingers 
Her sad eyes waiting for someone 
to make them glowy again 


There is a hurricane in her looking 
for someone to bring her back to peace
Someone who joins back 
her each and every piece


This is all she looks 
but she is not looking for love 
She wants to be mad 
about someone again
but not in love, 
not at all in love.
Noor Fatima


Those were the days, 
when we were together
Now, you have left me alone
Only to suffer! 
I want to sensate again 
the essence of your presence,
that would heal the agony given 
by your absence! 


Sulekha Pande


Living in the shadows of the past,
unable to come to terms,
I want to forget the pain,
and start reliving my life,
at last.
Surya Muthu


I lost you, 
but not the memories.
Helen McClay
You left my side
but your presence 


Ainsley Grey
Thoughts of you 
shadow my mind 
of what used to be.


Emme Tormon Bordeyos
The picture perfect
 of our yesterday, 
keeps my longings away!


Happy Honey
Still in your memories..

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