I dump the darkened chaos

Anindya J Ganguly


I dump the darkened chaos from within my core
To blossom my inner spirit 
into an enlightened soul.


Karthik Parthasarathy


I am funny, 
I smile a lot,
I engage with others, 
entertain them,
I am a jester, 
the one who keeps them happy,
Or that’s what they think, 
coz that’s what I show.
Who I am might be entirely different.
The one who resides deep inside me.
Mary Angelica Amerkhan


A piece of me was left unknown..
A piece of me was my inner soul,
A piece of me was broken 

and fallen apart and a survivor..

And a piece of me that can make

a difference to change the world.

I wear this piece as an armor

to remind myself: I survived.

Wear your piece with pride.

Yuva Ranjini


Carve out your
weakness and meakness,
Just to evlove,
What humans meant to be,
Not anything else,
Would delight it’s kind!


Rinku Shah


Like water that flows.
A person too grows.
Release what does not serve you,
Create space for the new!


Happy Honey


I’m not who you see.
Only a few know the real me.


Sulekha Pande


Trying to leave out the negativity 
of my soul,
I hope, that will fulfil me,
and make me whole.
Sherry Greene


Tearing you out of my life
It will leave a hole
But it will leave me whole

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