I chose to Die


I Chose to Die

Staring at the clock to figure how the time will pass
But only to find that life is a tumbling hourglass!

Staring at the walls to figure how freedom might feel
But only to find that there is time for it to reveal!

Staring at the beam of light that comes from the window
But only to find that there is no way back for it to go!

Staring at the wooden door closed like dead eyes
But only to find how the dead really dies!

Staring outside the room from the little keyhole
But only to find an escape not for me, but for my soul!

Staring at my hands that slowly turn dry
But only to find, they’re the reason I’ll die!

Staring at my face in the mirror with hope
But only to find, that it’s in search for a rope!

Staring at the fan as tears play their part
But only to find, death wins the fight with my heart!

Now the world stares at me and asks me why
But they won’t find that I was dead and yet I chose to die!

Now they cry and weep when I’m not around
But only to find, what they never found!

Think and remember all my good deed
But only to find, that there is no need!

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2 thoughts on “I chose to Die”

  1. Unwholesome feelings to oneself is not allowed. SMILE.. Be happy.. you are loved..as always. Nobody, no one, can change, together in one, or not.. Love remains..it is not intended tho hurt but to love hopefully.

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