How You See Each Zodiac Sign Solely From Your Point Of View

How You See Zodiac Sign Point Of View

When it comes to astrology, and zodiac signs, needless to say, each one is unique in their own way. Someone might be optimistic, someone might be pessimistic. Or, you might be short-tempered, and some other sign has a calm demeanor. The interesting question about all this is that, how do you see, perceive, and understand every zodiac sign, solely from your point of view. Everyone’s perceptions are bound to vary, and that’s what makes things intriguing.

So, are you ready to take a deep-dive in how you, and literally everyone else perceives their fellow zodiac signs? This is going to be fun!

Here Is How You See Every Zodiac Sign From Your Point Of View

1. Aries

Aries are known to be these boisterous extroverts, who seem like they are always on copious amounts of pre-workout. Short-tempered, and dramatic to the hilt, naturally they will gravitate towards people with the same traits.

How Aries sees the other zodiac signs:

Aries – Of course, I love me!
Taurus – Umm, hi? And bye!
Gemini – AYYYY! *starts busting some moves together*
Cancer – *Uninterested poker face*
Leo – My man!
Virgo – Uh-huh. No. Just no.
Libra – That’s my best friend right there!
Scorpio – Um, what?
Sagittarius – Soul sister!
Capricorn – NO.
Aquarius – Bitch yes.
Pisces – Bitch no.


2. Taurus

Now, Taurus people are simple people. You give them enough food, internet, and a comfy couch, and they will thank you forever. They like the simple things in life, and the last thing they want is to be dragged to some high-voltage and insane party.

How Taurus sees the other zodiac signs:

Aries: OMG STOP!!
Taurus: I understand you on a spiritual level.
Gemini: Yikes.
Cancer: I love you.
Leo: Why so arrogant?
Virgo: *imagines oneself in a wedding dress*
Libra: Just chill bro.
Scorpio: Me likey 😉
Sagittarius: Everything is too much.
Capricorn: We are one.
Aquarius: *genuinely confused*
Pisces: Good friend.


3. Gemini

Gemini. Gemini. Gemini. Are you just a misunderstood sign, or are you actually always confused? Geminis love to talk and are always looking to have good conversations which are full of energy, and intellectual at the same time. Never sitting in one place for too long, life is nothing short of a roller coaster for them.

How Gemini sees the other zodiac signs:

Aries: Hello there. 😉
Taurus: You’re cool, I guess.
Gemini: Homie. *proceeds to fistbump*
Cancer: Lol. Go cry elsewhere.
Virgo: I’m smarter, sorry.
Libra: ILY.
Scorpio: You’re not scary.
Sagittarius: I actually totally like you.
Capricorn: You’re alright. I guess.
Aquarius: You are doing amazing, sweetie.
Pisces: Lol, no. Bye.


4. Cancer

Ah, Cancer. Cancers are emotional, and unsurprisingly, it’s an understatement. Cancers are extremely, and exceptionally emotional. No matter what you do, or say to them, an emotional reaction is what you will get. Cancers believe in peace, quiet, and well, emotions.

How Cancer sees the other zodiac signs:

Aries: You need to chill and spread love, buddy.
Taurus: You understand me like no other.
Gemini: Do you even care? About anything? At all?
Cancer: Homie.
Leo: I am a soft cinnamon roll. Please protect me.
Virgo: You’re nice. 😉
Libra: Please talk to me.
Scorpio: Stay away from me.
Sagittarius: Just no.
Capricorn: Weirdly attractive.
Aquarius: Hell, no!
Pisces: *runs for a hug*


5. Leo

Leos love the limelight, attention, praise, and literally anything else that revolves around them. They love being the center of attention everywhere they go, and no matter what, they always try to be the most popular person. Angry little meatballs, they can be fierce, and fiery, if you mess with them too much.

How Leo sees the other zodiac signs:

Aries: Soulmate.
Taurus: *Ignores*
Gemini: You are nice. You are cool.
Cancer: Just shut up with the crying, and whining!
Leo: The best sign ever.
Virgo: Don’t care. Never will.
Libra: You are oh-so-hot.
Scorpio: *looks through them*
Sagittarius: Hey, bud!
Capricorn: Buzzkill.
Aquarius: You are my lobster. :*
Pisces: Lol, no.


6. Virgo

Since Virgos are disciplined and analytical to the T, they tend to mingle with people who are the same really. They don’t do very well with change, and spontaneity is something they run away from. Hyper-critical to the core about themselves, they will find faults, even when there isn’t any.

How Virgo sees the other zodiac signs:

Aries: Giant baby.
You deserve my unending love.
I will protect you.
Such a show-off.
You need to work harder, and be better.
Just stop talking.
You are making me uncomfortable.
How are you more critical than me? Teach me.
Organized Club!
You confuse me.
You are interesting.


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