How to Stay Well While Slowly Coming Out of Quarantine

Stay Well Coming Out Quarantine

The quarantine and self-isolation period is slowly coming to an end, and as we move into the next stage of (continued) safe living, it is completely normal to feel a bit anxious. While we slowly come out of quarantine, there are a few ways you can go about it in an easy, calm way.



How to stay well while slowly coming out of quarantine:

1. Know you gradually ease back into life

While we can experience the desire to jump back into our normal lives and also the hesitation to be out in public again, it is helpful (and also crucial) to know that this is the time to gradually ease back into life. Begin by hanging out with just a few friends and always wearing a mask. Then from there, you can slowly start adding people and activities to your ‘bubble’.


2. Try working out via workout apps since gyms are closed

Since gyms are still closed, try working out via workout apps to get effective workouts in and to make it fun. Take your workout to the park for some fresh air! Pull up a fun workout from fitness apps like the 30-Day Fitness Challenge try your own 30-Day Workout challenge and have fun being outside. Exercising (and being outside) can do wonders for your physical and mental health.


3. Start by doing things that make you happy

Think about what activities make you really happy and start by safely incorporating these activities into your life first. Do you love to read? You can visit a library (or digital library if you don’t feel ready to go out yet) and enjoy reading in a park. Doing these activities that make you happy will feel rejuvenating as you continue to add more and more positive things and activities to your life.


4. Try a guided meditation to make you laugh

While we often associate meditation with soothing background music or a gentle guided session, mix it up and try a guided meditation that will make you laugh! There are all sorts of creative meditation sessions available, such as the “Try not to laugh Meditation”. Laughter is good for the mind and body, so do something that puts a smile on your face and just lets you laugh and be in the moment!


5. Make an interactive self-care checklist

When stress is high and you may be experiencing anxiety, an interactive self-care checklist can help take the stress off of making decisions. It’s the idea of ‘If I’m feeling this, then I’ll do this’. Consider what affects your mental health and write out an interactive checklist for yourself. You can take inspiration from or simply use this guide.

Life will go back to normal sometime hopefully soon, but until then just keep yourself well and healthy, mentally and physically. It’s completely understandable for stress and anxiety to be high during this time, so remembering to practice extra self-care and creating space for yourself as you navigate coming out of quarantine is essential.

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