How To Go In For The First Kiss


How To Go In For The First Kiss

How should you go in for the first kiss with a woman?

You’re going on a date with an absolutely beautiful woman. She’s as close to your dream girl as you’ve ever met and you want to get it right. I mean the first kiss is important to a woman isn’t it? So how should you approach it? What type of kiss should the first kiss be?

First of all, you need to take the pressure off yourself. If you worry too much about what’s going to happen when you take the girl home, you’ll spend the whole date worrying and looking awkward.

So, the first kiss needs to be simple, but it needs to show she’s with a dominant man that’s not afraid to come onto a woman.

But here’s the thing…

A great first kiss has to follow a great date. If you’ve not enjoyed your time together why the hell are you going in for a kiss? A great first date is where you’ve connected, you’ve laughed, you’ve communicated, and you’ve enjoyed being in each other’s company. It’s all about building the attraction throughout the date. It’s about connecting. If she’s excited about something she tells you, act excited back.

If she smiles, smile back at her. It’s all about mirroring her body language. But more importantly, it’s about you being defined in your body language.  As for the kiss itself; it’s really not as important as you think. I’ve been on a lot of dates that ended with a peck on the cheek, and some which ended in a heavy make-out session. A first kiss depends on the sexual chemistry between the two of you because for a first kiss to feel good you must have that sexual chemistry. You must have that desire that builds throughout the date.

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What about the timing of the kiss?

For me, a first kiss is something that I like to do at the end of the date. If I walk her to her door or walk her to her car, I look at her and smile and I’ll look her directly in her eyes. I’ll take a step closer to her and run my hand through her hair. Then I just take the back of her neck and pull it ever so slightly towards me. Then I’ll kiss her.

Normally if she enjoys the first kiss she’ll lean back in for another. That’s it. Don’t overthink it. If she doesn’t come back for a second kiss don’t worry. Who cares if you don’t end up having a long make-out session?

Now, if there’s heavy sexual chemistry and you guys have been touching all night, things might get a little hotter. At that point do the exact same things, but this time open your mouth ever so slightly.  Let your tongue slip into her mouth very lightly and feel where her tongue ends up. 

Does her tongue meet yours? Does it move fast or slow? However, her tongue moves you’re going to mimic her kissing style. Why?

Because women are attracted to men who kiss like her. Have a soft kiss if it’s soft. If it’s a hard kiss have a passionate kiss. And then break away and look at her and say “No no. Let’s continue this on another date. Let’s hang Sunday and let’s carry on where we left off.”

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Close her in the heat of the moment. That’s what the first kiss is all about. Capitalize on that first kiss. Get her to think about you. Get her to fantasize about you. And get her to dream about you. For me, that’s how you go in for the first kiss.

Written by David Wygant
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How To Go In For The First Kiss
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