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How The Zodiac Signs Behave On A Bad Day

How The Zodiac Signs Behave On A Bad Day

How The Signs Behave On A Bad Day

Aries – Easily irritated, aggressive.  

Taurus – Passive aggressive, stubborn.  

Gemini – Insecure, sarcastic.  

Cancer – Quiet and wants a hug.  

Leo – Pretend they’re fine, want to cry.  

Virgo – Doesn’t care and doesn’t talk much.  

Libra – Needs somebody to talk to.  

Scorpio – Secretive, hides everything.  

Sagittarius – Anxious, doesn’t want to talk about it.  

Capricorn – Stressed, argumentative.  

Aquarius – Closes off from everything and listens to music.  

Pisces – Stays at home and doesn’t ask for help.


Stephen Sansa

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