How I Feel Around The Zodiac Signs

How I Feel Around The Zodiac Signs

How I Feel Around The Signs

Aries: I feel Protected. They look after the people they care about and always have their back. An Aries have a way to make you feel secured.  

Taurus: I feel Accepted. You can always share your dark secrets with a Taurus. they will never judge you. A Taurus will never hold any bad feelings towards you.  

Gemini: I feel Excited. A Gemini is always up for new and great ideas and opinions, they can make you excited about life.  

Cancer: I feel Intense. A Cancerian wears their heart on their sleeve and will show you the intense side of relationship.  

Leo: I feel Confident. Leos thrive in self-confidence and you are bound to feel that confidence whenever you are with a Leo.  

Virgo: I feel Understood. Virgos can read the simple and complex personalities of others. You don’t have to explain yourself whenever you are with a Virgo.  

Libra: I feel Loved. They strive for harmony in their relationships and will go to great lengths to please their partner.  

Scorpio: I feel Passionate. A Scorpian pour their passion into everything they do. They will show you the importance of devotion in life.  

Sagittarius: I feel Open. They have an optimistic attitude which attracts everyone to them. They will make you come out of the shell and live life fully.  

Capricorn: I feel Determined. The most practical and goal oriented sign. A Capricorn will make you believe in becoming strong, and determined to achieve success..  

Aquarius: I feel Relaxed. This eccentric sign is typically cool, calm and collected. An Aquarius will have an unique way to make you feel relaxed around them.  

Pisces: I feel Curious. Pisces have deep curiosity about life and love learning things. They will make you equally curious about things that are hidden beneath the dirt.

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