Happiness in me or him?

Happiness in me or him?

Wondered, gave it a thought, trust me, did not work.

All through my life, I thought I needed him (to love maybe). He, be it someone.  Kept falling for wrong people, kept taking wrong decisions. Kept hurting myself. The question was, till when?

The question was, Why was I even thinking of finding happiness in someone else rather than finding happiness in myself. It was hard. But the question had no answer.

Why was it mandatory to tell him everything going on my life and seek his support? Was I too weak to handle myself?

Well, No ! I wasn’t. It was the fear. The fear of staying alone. Was it too difficult to handle my own ? No, it wasn’t. I took a stand.

Walked and I must say I am more happy than I was. Its okay not to have someone to love you and to love, you have you, don’t you?

So please, do not try to keep on moving inside the dark shell if you are not happy. Take a step. Move on! You are worthy of every good and trust me eventually, it will come.



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