7 Great Personalities Who Didn’t Go To School But Changed The World

Seven great people who managed to influence the whole world by using just the Power of Mind.

1. Thomas Edison

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Thomas Edison went to school when he was 8 years old and stayed for just three months. We was the worst in his classroom and his teacher didn’t like him. Edison’s father used to believe that his son was stupid (maybe it was him who wasn’t that intelligent). Some day, the teacher told Edison – in front of the entire class – that he (Thomas) was a moron. Thomas, who wasn’t that obedient, left the class immediately and, when he got back home, he told his mother that he would never return to school. And that’s what he did (school wasn’t obligatory in 1855). Edison started studying at home. His mother became his teacher, but only taught him the basics.

Although he used to write letters without using punctuation marks, even when he turned 19 years old, little Edison really enjoyed reading. He used to read Shakespeare and Dickens all day until the day his mother gave him the book “School of physics”. It was when inventor Edison was born. He created a small workshop in the house’s basement and he started doing experiments all the time.

When he was twelve years old, he had already managed to assemble a telegraph and to create an electric trap for mice. He soon realized that he needed money to improve his workshop and started looking for a job. He found a job in a town near his. He had to travel there by train, spending three hours daily.

Edison used these three hours to study and to earn money by selling fruits, nuts and candies in the train. He even started selling his newspaper! He bought an old hand press from an Antiquarian, so that he could constitute and print a small newspaper about train’s schedule and some political news.

Meanwhile, Edison made some of the most important inventions: the microphone, the phonograph, the electric light, the concrete, and he perfected the telephone, the photo camera and the electrical generator. In 1882, when he was 35 years old, he launched the first power station (in New York). Two and a half thousand patents bear his name -and they do have punctuation. Let us remember his most famous phrase: “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration.”

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2. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was “uneducated” too. With his “emancipation proclamation”, Lincoln freed America’s slaves. That’s why he was murdered three years later.

Despite the fact that he was the son of a lumberjack and that he didn’t even go to primary school, since he used to work in a farm, Lincoln used his free time to learn how to read. He used to read mostly newspapers. When he turned 26 years old, he started studying law books on his own and two years later he managed to get the license to practice law.

His political rivals were always trying to underline his humble background and his lack of “official education”. However Lincoln never felt bad about that.


3. Mark Twain

“Tom Sawyer” and “Huckleberry Finn” have been best sellers for 150 years.

If young Mark Twain (real name: Samuel Langhorne Clemens) lived in our time, he’d have been called hyper and people would treat him like a sick kid, since he couldn’t sit still for a second.

Twain took lessons for only a few weeks. He was 12 years old and he had just learnt how to read, when his father died and little Clemens had to start working. He used to work in a barge which where he got his nickname. He also worked in a printing shop and some time later he got a job editing for a small agricultural newspaper.

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