7 Successful People Who Didn’t Do Well At School

Successful People Didnt Do Well School

School isn’t the ultimate determinant of success! There are people who were always brilliant in academics and graduated from top-notch colleges/universities but remained unsuccessful. On the other hand, there are successful people who didn’t do well at school. 

So, what is the mantra of success? 

Before answering that read on to know about great people who inspired the world with their achievements by using just the – Power of Mind.

Here are 7 successful people who didn’t do well at school: 

1. Mark Twain

Successful People Didnt Do Well School Mark Twain
7 Successful People Who Didn’t Do Well At School

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, popular as Mark Twain, was a hyper kid. He struggled to sit still in one place. He quit his formal schooling at the age of 12 due to his father’s death. Struggling with poverty, he had no option but to work in a printing shop – at such a tender age – and support his family. He turned to be a brilliant typesetter and won an award for the quality of his work. He also got a job editing for a small agricultural newspaper.

Despite official education, he was a highly educated man in many aspects. Out of his own curiosity and learning spirit, he learnt about botany, history, different cultures across the world  and became educated in politics and government too. He travelled places and that was the main source of his rich knowledge and managed to earn the reputation as one of the most educated men of all time.

Twain started to write news with the element of humor that was admired by people. Soon his newspaper was very successful, which triggered his interest in writing articles in other newspapers too. 

He crafted traveller’s stories from all over the world and when his books were published, he gained worldwide recognition. Thanks to Twain for giving us the best gifts – “Tom Sawyer” and “Huckleberry Finn” that have been best sellers for 150 years. At the age of  67 he became a professor in Missouri’s and Oxford’s university.

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2. Thomas Edison

Successful People Didnt Do Well School Thomas Edison
7 Successful People Who Didn’t Do Well At School

He is one of the great personalities who didn’t do well in school. He went to school at the age 8 and was the worst performer in his class. Teachers never liked Thomas because he was disobedient  and told him in front of the entire class that he was moron. Thomas stayed in the school for just three months and went  back home. After his insult, he decided to never return to school.  

Edison started studying at home and was supported by his mother. However, his father always believed that Thomas is not very intelligent. 

Thomas loved reading and was a vivid reader of works by Shakespeare and Dickens. Yet he couldn’t write letters – without grammatical errors – even when he was 19 years old. One day his mother gave him the book “School of physics”, which sparked his interest in science and the spirit of invention. 

He created a small workshop in his house to conduct experiments. At the age of 12 he designed an electric trap for mice. He had to take a job to improvise his workshop,  gather more resources and manage his expenses. 

He travelled to his workplace by train that took three hours daily and Thomas used this time to study or sell newspapers/fruits/nuts/candies in the train.  At this tender age he managed to buy an old hand press  to print a small newspaper about the train’s schedule and some political news. 

In a short span of time, Thomas Edison made some important inventions like – phonograph, microphone, electric light,  photo camera, and perfected a telephone and electric generator. 

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