5 Tips That Can Help You In Freeing Up Your Mental Space

5 Tips That Can Help You In Freeing Up Your Mental Space

Negative thoughts can sometimes drain our mental energy to the T. It also serves as one of the biggest signs for freeing up your mental space. 

Have you ever found yourself lying in your bed in the middle of the night trying to get sleep, but for some odd reason you just can’t switch your mind off? Do hundreds of anxiety-inducing voices keep playing in your mind, making it difficult to breathe?

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Trust me, all of us have been in situations where the noises of our mind get too overwhelming; and even though we feel mentally and physically drained, we can’t seem to get hold of our trail of thoughts. Our minds often get tangled with such messy thoughts that mental exhaustion starts creeping in.

Most of the time, we hold on to thoughts and experiences that cause us pain. Not very long ago, I used to often find myself replaying past events in my mind and overthinking about the same. I particularly held on to the experiences which caused me pain and used to overthink how things could have been different. Little did I realize that I was fostering negativity, hurt, anger, guilt, and whatnot.

I found myself getting immersed in a lot of negative energy, which didn’t let me sleep at night. I found it extremely difficult to move on from the haunting experiences of my past traumas. While I thought giving myself some time to heal the pain is the only way out, I couldn’t have been more wrong! The more I ignored these feelings, the more entangled I got into the chains of negative thoughts which started getting overwhelming. Then, I decided to get a grip on my mind and unclutter some space for my mental peace.

If you have been experiencing something similar then, the first question you need to ask yourself is whether this continuous overthinking is causing you any good or not? Most of you would admit that these thoughts are not productive in any way.

It is important to realize that the more negative emotions occupy space in your mind, the more likely are these thoughts to seep into your lives causing you stress and anxiety. With endless worries regarding circumstances clouding our minds, unfortunately, we end up getting very little done. To get everything in order, the calmness of mind and a balanced psyche is needed.


If You Long For Clarity And Calmness, Here Are 5 Tips For Freeing Up Your Mental Space


1. Keep your physical environment clean

Evidence suggests that physical clutter makes it difficult for individuals to deal with mental clutter. Disorganization tends to cause cumulative harm to your brain.

Studies have proven that physical clutter induces a higher level of cortisol (stress hormone). This can be extremely taxing on not only physical but also mental health. Moreover, the excessive stimuli exhaust the brain further by making it work overtime.


2. Practice letting go of the past

Mind clutter is generally related to incidents and experiences from the past. I believe most of us have these mental compartments which are filled with thoughts of every missed opportunity, every instance of hurt, every mistake we have made, regrets, trauma, and so on.

It is essential to recognize that if memories of the past are weighing us down, discarding those memories can be the best thing to do. Engaging in self-care is probably the best thing to do.

Freeing Up Mental Space
Freeing Up Mental Space

Allow your mind to accept whatever has happened in the past and make peace with it. Be mindful though, you don’t want to be too harsh on yourself. With the negative emotions gradually flushing away from your system, you can feel your mind getting more relaxed.

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