Fall in love with the one

Fall in love with the one

Fall in love with the one
who teaches you how to
fall in love with yourself.

28 thoughts on “Fall in love with the one”

  1. I did! He was a real/true narcissist and he taught me how to love myself, I never had a better example. Learning to love myself used to scare me. I was afraid I would become like him but I didn’t because I’m not a narcissist I was co-dependent or maybe still am but I don’t seem to fit that description anymore. It feels really good to be aware of me in a balanced/healthy way, to be assertive for my welfare and well-being. And it feels really good to know why/how people/I became that way and that the shame wasn’t mine but that the blame isn’t my life either. You can’t stay with a narcissist if you want to be healthy.

  2. the only thing that he teach me is how to hate myself even more because of what he done to me he destroy me so much 🙁 he always telling that he loves me but his action say the truth

  3. The advice should be learn to love yourself before falling in love. This is saying, rely on someone else to fill your bits you don’t have sorted. That’s not fair on the other person, and also means that you then are reliant on the other person to keep putting filler on your gaps. In the long term, nobody wants to be someone else’s filler. Unless they then use that dependency as a form of control.

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