10 Pertinent Facts About Loneliness And How It Effects The Mind And Body


Other studies have also shown that chronic loneliness can increase the risk of early death by 14%.


8. Poor cognitive performance

Another surprising fact about loneliness is that it can lead to poor cognitive performance and even dementia.

Loneliness is the perceived experience of social deprivation, distinct from objective social isolation, that has been associated with accelerated functional decline and increased mortality in older adults (Perissinotto et al., 2012). Loneliness has also been found to predict greater cognitive decline over 4–10 years (Shankar et al., 2013Tilvis et al., 2004) and a doubling of the risk of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) dementia (Wilson et al., 2007). (3)


10. Obsession with Material possessions

According to a number of recent studies, a lot of people get obsessed about material possessions to combat their loneliness. They focus more on possessing cars, house and other valuables to fill the void of loneliness.

Shopping and acquiring things become our tonic, our magic pill to curb loneliness. Solution for loneliness, such as shopping, binge eating and is often momentarily beneficial but are detrimental in the long run.

Over the time a person realizes that it’s impossible to find solace in a conversation with one’s costly wrist watch. This leads to “a loneliness loop” that many economists have taken interest in since decades.

Many economists have suggested there are actually three flavors of materialism: “acquisition centrality, possession-defined success, and acquisition as the source of happiness.”(4)

Lonely shoppers who splurge to fill their sense of defeat and insecurity are actually deluding themselves.

Pieters found, valuing material possessions as a measure of success and as a medicine for happiness were associated with increases in loneliness over time, and loneliness in its turn was associated with increases in these sub types of materialism.(5)




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