Every PAIN is a GAIN WAY UP!

Mai Quesada


Every PAIN 

Mels Sablaon


There is no ascending 
that is not painful.
Sunny Marie
Sometimes you have to let go.
And, before you climb again,
Turn the ladder upside-down
To see things from 
a less “cutting”, perspective 
Aderinboye Micheal Olawale
Attaining greater heights is one with
obstacles and pains;
of blood and sweat
As we take a step closer
to attaining these heights..
Life challenges cuts through our
zeal to hold on climbing !
Only those who are determined and
enduring will get to the top
No pain No gain!
Rinku Shah
Is this climb
Really worth the while?
Numb with pain…
More to lose than gain!
Is the thing at the top 
really worth it!?.
Debra Pry
No pain, 
then no gain.
Kim Qualey
The higher the climb, 
the greater the fall. 
Karen MacLeod
Do not stop
until you reach the top.
Each and every
pull of pain
is the price
of what you
will gain.
Farida Aly
It was never easy to climb 
the ladders of success.

Razatlab Aircrag Mario

A Painful Climb

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