End your drama. Set yourself free !

Unnecessary stress, unwanted criticism, spiteful anger, ruins not only your family, work, your relationships but even your friendships, all because you have subjected your heart into doubting and pondering pointless things. But “drama” does not just walk into your life. You either create it or you invite it. There comes a time when you need to take charge and choose to be happy. My drama ended when I finally understood that every situation doesn’t require a reaction. Sometimes you have to leave things the way they are and let go.

  • Never stress on what you can’t control and why worry on something that gives you nothing but trouble.

                                                    Set your soul free.


  • Never feel guilty about removing negativity from your life. It doesn’t matter if someone is a relative, a partner, an acquaintance or a long-time friend.

                                                Choose to walk away.


  • Surround yourself with good vibes and positive aura. Positive energies are contagious.

                                                 Make room for positivity.


  • Inculcate a hobby; add something new and contrasting to your nature. Indulge in things that bring you peace of mind.

                                                 Explore your personality

  • Remember: Things may not work out exactly how you have planned them, but they will be fine eventually. Good things take time.

                                                 Have faith in universe.

You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything. Your heart may be weak but you can always make your mind -your ultimate strength. The solution to a sensitive heart lies in a strong mind.

Sit back …..Take a deep breath…Use your logic and Think

Do I have to be a part of it? 

Is that necessary to intervene? 

Will that loss affect my life?? 

Will this matter? 

And it all comes down to one big questionIs it really worth it?”

                                Stop Worrying and Start Wondering!

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