Empowered by the strength of knowledge

Sulekha Pande

by the strength
of knowledge.


Debra Pry

The more you know,
the more you can conquer in life.



Sulekha Pande

The power of knowledge.



Mai Quesada

provides the strength
to conquer everything!



Armando Dasigo Baria

The Power of Books.


Rinku Shah

Brain or Brawn?
Muscle strength will soon be gone.
Enhancing your knowledge is best,
Gives you an edge above the rest!



Rinku Shah
Physical strength is temporary,
Knowledge is necessary.
To know the difference…
Strength or Wisdom
What’s your preference?
Invest wisely?
Aamir Qais Anzar

Knowledge is Power.
Acumen to face difficulties
comes with the ability
to understand different situations
and behave accordingly.

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They Laugh At Me Because I’m Different