Do you hear ..or do you listen?

Do you hear ..or do you listen?
Sarah Warren 

Do you hear
..or do you listen?

Mississippi Writer Laurie Parker

Be gentle when you speak to me
I listen with my heart,
A fragile, fine-tuned hearing aid

That easily falls apart

Ramya Raghuraman 

My heart marched to the ear
The moment your voice came near.

Tanu Malhotra 

Listen to your heart

Debra Pry 

Listening with an open heart.

Rinku Shah 

An ear that hears
Can feel falling tears.
And when a heart listens,
The world looks like it glistens.
Roses, champagne and the waning moon
Tug at our hearts as we swoon.
Love shall always prevail
And they lived happily ever 

after like a fairy tale !

Karthik Parthasarathy 

Your heart is my ear-piece
For us to communicate in peace
Whatever you feel, I will hear
No confusions, crystal clear.

Hrisha Paul

It wasn’t easy to wear the heart 
but it made me stronger.
When bad agitates, it shrinks.
And grows once it meets the good.
I learned to withstand both,
Only by accepting and growing through.

Madhura Bhide 

I will,
Listen to the Wind, it Talks…
Listen to the Silence, it Speaks…
I’ll always Listen to my Heart, it Knows..
I have to teach my Heart and Mind….
How to sing together
With close eyes, I will hear sound of
My Soul…

Sarrvesh Waran 

I am always there for you, dear.
Will listen to your constant talk 

about your insecurities and fear.
I listen because I care.
And just want to see your smile 

which has now become so rare.
Don’t cry, you are a beautiful art..
Know that I listen to you 

with all my heart.

Aparna Goswami 

Sensitive soul that I am, 
each word affects that you say, 
some are soothing, some are warm, 
but more often hurts to my dismay!

Rohan Serrao 

The Mind hears 
what the Heart listens to.

Scott A Willis 

See with your eyes; 
Speak with your mouth
Listen with your heart.

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