Do Not Feel Lonely

Do not feel lonely

Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you.

– Rumi

12 thoughts on “Do Not Feel Lonely”

  1. The more u run away from Ur true self the more pain ull endure.. fuck all the dogmas.. deep down.. if Ur depressed embrace the depression if u overthink then be it.. thts who u are with all Ur deepest depression fears overthinking hatred jealously.. embrace it … Then live.. don’t ask how to live… No one knows.. be a helpless bastard coz Ur actually helpless.. anything u do against is giving momentum to the pain.. stop the search.. accept n be Ur helplessness… It sounds negative.. stop even labeling it . Coz Ur accepting urself with all Ur pleasures and pains… The whole… Acceptance… Then see Wats left to be dealt with.. TC

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