Distant Healer

Healing has recently become quite the phenomenon within the spiritual community.

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When we think about distant healing we often picture ancient experienced reiki masters, in the lotus seating position or stretched out arms with beaming lights coming out of their palms, in this article that won’t be the type of healing I’d like for us to consider.

The healing I am talking about is “Psychic Distant Healing“, the reason I am touching on this particular topic is because over the past few months in 2017, Psychic Distant healing has been something I’ve been able to achieve and be apart of, through unexpected intuitive calls to action.

I am a intuitive empath, being a sun sign cancerian, I didn’t quite harness my abilities only until very recently, or at least fully recognized them until after my mother and grandmother had died.

My mother was a scorpio, grandmother a cancer, I’d also like to mention my late uncle on my mother’s side was a magical pisces.

You could almost say that spiritual “Abilities” “Gifts” are deeply rooted in the DNA.

Beginning of 2017 I was sitting in my apartment living room one night, minding my own business and suddenly from out of nowhere in my minds eye, I saw a vision and heard through clairaudience a woman drowning in a river, she was striving for her dear life, calling out for help, she was cold and almost about to give up, it was almost like a superhero movie, this vision and sound was clear as day.

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My psychic conversation tune in began with me giving her reassurance that help was on the way, at first she couldn’t believe anyone was talking to her, she wondered who and where I was, in this moment I was even in awe of this surreal moment, I tried to just push my feelings aside and focused on keeping this woman determined to live, I tried to let her know that she was loved and safe, and that i was going to be with her until her rescuers arrived.

The woman felt safe I think, knowing that on one of the most terrifying moments in her life, she could hear what appeared to be a comforting voice.

In no way was my intention to override God or the Angels, this must have been the call to action placed on my by them.

From what I could recall, rescuers in coloured wet suit life jacket gear came soon after.


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