Death Changes Everything

Death changes everything,
Time changes nothing. I
still miss the sound of your
voice, the wisdom in your
advice, the stories of your
life and just being in your
presence. So no, time changes
nothing. I miss you just as
much today as I did the day
you died. I just miss you.

23 thoughts on “Death Changes Everything”

  1. The ability to exercise constant control over one’s low desires
    is no mean achievement. Success in establishing a lasting sublimation
    of all desires is indeed a greater one. But the greatest is the
    b u rning away of all one’s desires once and for all, which divine love
    alone can do.
    Under the illusion of cosmic duality the apparent separation between
    man and God is invariably referred to by masters in terms of the i n t e rvenient “veil” and “curtain.” Hafiz, who was a Perfect Mast e r
    as well as a great poet, says:
    Miyanah ’ashiq o m’ashuq hic hayal nist
    Tu Kvud hijab-i Kvudi, Hafiz, az miyan barKiz.
    “ There is no barrier between the lover and Beloved; Hafiz,
    lift yourself aside, you are yourself the covering over Self.”
    Kabir, referring to the removal of the seven folds of the veil, says:
    Tere ghukghata ke pata khola tujhe Rama milega.
    “Open the folds of your veil, and you shall find God.”
    The ghunghat literally means the covering that a woman extends
    over her head and face in a number of folds; in spiritual parlance
    it re p resents the heavy folds of ignorance that keep man hidden
    f rom his real identity. The lifting of it, fold by fold, corresponds to
    the stage-b y-stage journey of a pilgrim from the first through the
    fifth plane of the divine path.
    Meher Baba <3

  2. Longing <3
    As compared with dreams, the physical life is indeed a reality.
    Similarly, compared with the reality of the path, the world and all
    worldly life is vacant dreaming on the part of man. But as the world
    and all of its experiences are illusory, so is the spiritual path that
    leads to Reality. The former may be termed false illusion and the latter
    real illusion. Nevertheless, despite the vast diff e rence between
    them, they are both illusions, for God alone is the only Reality.
    Meher Baba <3

  3. Darling !!! I miss you too!!! Some guests were there today.customers are also vising to purchase the I was too busy.I also missed you too my mind n my heart only your memories r there. I just recollect your words.n smile.

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