Love In Reverse: How Contra-Dating Can Rewrite Your Love Story


How Contra Dating Can Help You Find Love: Examples

When it comes to love, many of us have a pattern. We like what’s similar to us—interests, appearances. But what if there was another way? As the word ‘contradict’ suggests, ‘Contra dating’ is a departure from traditional relationship ideals, which could be just what we need to find true love!

‘Contra dating,’ was coined by the creative minds at a dating site called “Plenty of Fish”. It has the potential to reinvent how we look for true love. Because plain old dating is boring anyway.

Explore Contra Dating Meaning And Find Out If You Should Be Trying It.

Despite saying “contra,” it doesn’t mean you’re searching for a partner who contradicts you in every possible way. Instead, it means breaking free from what you normally would go for in someone else and instead dive into unfamiliar waters.

If you’re going for partners that look like you, dress a certain way, like the same things as you, the same music as you, and share your quirks and antics then maybe it’s time to probably switch things up.

After surveying British singles, Plenty of Fish discovered an astonishing 59% admitting they’ve already hopped onto the contra-dating train. Just goes to show this unconventional method can get those stuck in their comfort zones some much-needed excitement.

However, before hopping into new relationships it’s important to take some time and reflect on yourself. Do some soul-searching and figure out what exactly your heart craves.

Contra Dating' Your Way To A Perfect Match
Love In Reverse: How Contra-Dating Can Rewrite Your Love Story

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Some Contra Dating Examples To Help You Understand It

  • One of contra dating examples: maybe all your exes worked in finance, and their schedules were always conflicting with yours, causing your time together to be limited, eventually leading to the end of these relationships. Consider dating someone who has a more flexible schedule so that you can spend time and get what you want for yourself.
  • Another example would be that you were always attracted to someone outgoing or dated someone who went out every weekend however, things never worked out. You can consider being with someone who likes to be home, likes to spend time in silence, or even likes day activities.
contra dating
Love In Reverse: How Contra-Dating Can Rewrite Your Love Story

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Now that you’re ready, here are ways for you to effectively open yourself up to finding love:

1. Break The Swipe Routine:

If you’re constantly swiping right on people who fit a certain physical feature, it’s time to stop. Stepping away from that will help you discover great matches outside of your normal reach.

2. Diverse Interests:

People with diverse interests can be fun because they bring a fresh perspective into your life. If you’re someone who loves solo trips and adventures try swiping right on someone who loves being home alone. But don’t forget people who might agree with most things you believe in.

3. Try New Hobbies:

New hobbies lead to new experiences — which lead to meeting new people! Try joining some classes or going out to local events, there are tons of ways to meet someone unexpected.

Contradicting your usual preferences will give you the biggest surprises on your romantic journey. You’ll be surprised by how many great connections can come from just one genuine conversation.

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Dating apps are so predictable these days — all they do is show us similar results over and over again. So instead of just swiping through the same people, try something new and expand your horizons through contra-dating.

You never know that these opportunities might lead to meaningful relationships rather than short-term relationships.

And now you know contra dating’s meaning, so share your thoughts about it in the comments below!

contra dating
Love In Reverse: How Contra-Dating Can Rewrite Your Love Story

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