Chameleon Changes Its Colors

Chameleon Changes Its Colors

Narcissist never leaves a chance to stigmatize you in any condition, even they sometime wait for the accurate time and make deliberate plan to inflict you in front of other people by ignorance or insult your intelligence.

Have you ever wondered or experienced! You are invited to a wedding reception, social gathering, or an important ceremony, but get sheer ignorance while you are at the venue. It can be too late when you wake up to the situation and smell the coffee. That invitation card was the bait, function was the forum and you were the prime target!

Character assassins:

Character assassination or slandering is their most favorite part of the game. When a person does not follow their script or act according to their desirable program, that specific person must keep in mind that he or she is going to notice some bizarre behaviors in surroundings. For instance, some mutual acquaintances might not recognize you on the way or ignore at the public place and as a positive thinker you assume they haven’t seen you or in a hurry.

The lights are ‘on but nobody’s home! My beautiful introvert reader friend, you need to analyze that you are being back-stabbed or may begin to feel the pain of back-stabbing when it happens more often. This is an attempt to demoralize your personality.

They also start strengthening relationship or connecting with people who weren’t up to their standards, but now apple of their eyes. This specific act is to make you realize that you have no value at all and they have a whole bunch of goodies and you are the baddies!

Pretentious Predators:

They have chameleon characteristic, before it makes sense to you they have done their job pretty tremendously and you will be victim of their exploitation. To some extent, it is sensible to focus on their body language such as unreasonable embraces, caresses and a quick reminder of ‘Kiss of Juda’. Another strange act as an observant I noticed is that, they request you to accompany with them or go for a shopping to protect their insecurity.

It seems like they have high tide and low tide emotional waves, sometimes they praise highly about you and sometime there’s no food in the fridge.

Unwanted Clarification or Justification:

Their DNA contains manipulation, they always use distorting and diverting speech to manipulate people and sometimes use strong-arm (= aggressive or violent) tactics. They change their colors according to the situations, while hiding the true colors. When somebody confronts them they are ready to use their defensive mechanisms such as arrogance or begin playing a game of bluff. Remember! There’s definitely something fishy when people start explaining without asking.

Swear Vengeance!

Revenge, Retaliation and Personal Vendetta are all siblings, it is available in the blood bank and a stream of blood running in the body. The emotional baggage is full and they hold grudges, but being a perfect pretentious nobody can discover what lies beneath the surface. They wait for the right time to get your bottom smacked, in another broad hint they also smack things when angry and helpless in the situation. Here’s an inner voice of a Narcissist mantra ‘I will see when my time will come.’  The intensive exposure can be seen at public places using total ignorance or might if they come across they say oh! I need you for a task, even though they have your immediate contacts to reach! They have many booby-trap devices.

Lie through their teeth

Never consult a narcissist for mediation in a dispute. They are extremely hypocrites; they say one thing to you and another to others and make the matter worst and spread negativity.

They are expert to spin a tissue of lies. They use low cunning to get what they want and lie pathologically. On certain occasion, they can make efforts to drag you to a place to show off others that you run after them or you can’t live without them.

Moral: ‘It’s time to abandon the ship.’

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