The Body Language Of Attraction Based On The Zodiac Signs

A Guide to Flirting the Zodiacs

 August 04, 2019

Body Language Of Attraction

4. Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)

Cancer can be the most confusing when looking for the body language of attraction as per zodiac sign. They will be very affectionate, but you will be unsure if they are just friendly or being flirty. They will make sure not to cross the line. They are huggers and will use their eyes to convey their feelings. Cancers will compliment you about your looks and laugh endearingly making you feel comfortable.

Although their behavior can be confusing at times, their body will tell a completely different story. Cancers are emotional and will get touchy when they are attracted to you. They may appear clingy and have a strong vibe coming from their body.

Cancer Body Language of Attraction

  • They will stare into your eyes and laugh lovingly.
  • This zodiac will give you the most magical and intense hugs.
  • Cancers like to touch, snuggle, cuddle and know your body.
  • They like to act fast and will take every opportunity to hug you & hold your hand.
  • Cancers may appear clumsy around the person they are attracted to.
  • Physical touch from you will give them a different high.

5. Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

Leo has the most affectionate body language of attraction as per zodiac sign. They are leaders and have an aggressive body language when flirting with someone they like. Leos will be loud, candid and dynamic and they laugh loud, dance with passion and will mark their territory when flirting. They are always competitive and will constantly prove their worth to you. They will put a lot of effort to look good, show you off, play with your hair, plant a sudden kiss and make you laugh about it. They have the most unique zodiac kissing style and you will surely feel it.

Leo Body Language of Attraction

  • Leos will do weird romantic things to proclaim their love for you.
  • They will laugh intensely and deeply with you and make you feel like the sun is about to melt.
  • They will hug, kiss you and get close to you at every opportunity they get.
  • Leos will be very territorial about you and keep you safe and protected
  • They will make you feel suffocated with the intensity of their love.
  • When in love, Leo will not roar, instead they will whisper in your ears.

6. Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)

Virgo has a bold body language when they flirt with you. Everything you need to know about them, you will get to know from their touch. They will take a direct approach and walk up to you to ask you out on a date. They will always make you feel special and smother you with affection. Virgos will hold your hand and lift you up in their strong arms when you feel too tired to walk. They will make sure to build a connection with you when they are in love.

Virgo Body Language of Attraction

  • They will always make the first move and will text you first when they like you
  • Virgos are very confident and will have a dramatic body language when flirting
  • They will not be able to keep their hands off you
  • They will always make you feel special, loved and secure.
  • Virgo will play with your hair, legs and other sensitive body parts.
  • When flirting, their body language will make it obvious to you that they like you.

7. Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

Libra loses their mind when they are attracted to someone. They will have a peppy and explosive body language of attraction. They like to do the cutesy and romantic things like holding hands, playing with your hair etc. They will lick their lips and lean forward when you talk.

They will let you know that they like you through their body language and their touch. They will smile the most amazing smile that you will ever see. Libras are usually not too forward neither too shy. Libras tend to be very clumsy around people they are comfortable with. They will try to act smooth, but simply make it absurd.

Libra Body Language of Attraction

  • They will mimic your vibe and mirror your body language.
  • Libras will do the weirdest things in your presence to check how comfortable you are with them.
  • They will laugh like crazy and it will be mesmerizing.
  • Libras will sit next to you and stare into your eyes creating a deep yet instant connection.
  • They will always be by your side to comfort you in your tough times
  • Libras will try to maintain a balance as they are not too forward nor too shy