When This Boat Crew Realized What They Were Seeing, It Was Almost Too Late To Escape

When This Boat Crew Realized What They Were Seeing It Was Almost Too Late To Escape

When this boat crew realized what they were seeing, it was almost too late to escape…

We don’t really think about it on a daily basis, but the Earth is still changing all the time. It just happens so slowly that we can’t really perceive it. But every now and then, things speed up… a lot.

The crew of the Maiken was enjoying a leisurely sail through the South Pacific when they spotted a strange discoloration on the water. They moved in closer to inspect it, but by the time they realized what it was, it was too late.

The crew of the Maiken was sailing the South Pacific when they spotted an unusual shadow.

 Boat Crew Realized

As they got closer, what they had taken to be a sandbar revealed itself to be something else entirely.

closer to the sand bar

A huge amount of pumice stone was floating to the surface of the water. It looked like a beach.

 Boat Crew Realized

They decided to get a closer look and redirected their yacht towards it.

beach in the middle of sea

It looks like a beach in the middle of the ocean!

beach in the middle of the sea

The boat crew decided to sail through it, leaving a break in the stone behind them as they went.

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beach in the middle of sea

They wondered what could have caused this expanse of stone to suddenly appear.

beach in the middle of the sea

The field of pumice was getting even larger as they passed through it. The crew had an uneasy feeling and upped their speed.

field of pumice

Once they were a safe distance away, they heard a faint rumbling. Looking back they saw water bubbling from the surface.

an underwater volcano

The source of the pumice stone was an underwater volcano that was actually erupting at the time!

an underwater volcano

They anchored to watch this tremendous event. Massive plumes of smoke filled the sky.

an underwater volcanic eruption

As the smoke cleared, they noticed something strange just at the water’s surface…

an underwater volcanic eruption

The boat crew realized it was land!

Boat Crew Realized It Wad Hard To Escape

The stunned crew couldn’t believe what they were seeing: It was the actual birth of a new island

Boat Crew Realized It Wad Hard To Escape

They sailed a little bit closer to see if their eyes were playing tricks on them.

Boat Crew Realized It Wad Hard To Escape

But, the boat crew realized it was real. The peaks of this new landmass were already taking form.

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Boat Crew Realized It Wad Hard To Escape

It was one of the rarest events imaginable.

Boat Crew Realized It Wad Hard To Escape

They were so lucky! Not only because they were able to witness such an impossible sight… but also because they apparently very narrowly escaped with their lives!

The Best Things in Life Happen Unexpectedly

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When This Boat Crew Realized It Was Hard To Escape
When This Boat Crew Realized What They Were Seeing, It Was Almost Too Late To Escape.
When This Boat Crew Realized What They Were Seeing It Was Almost Too Late To Escape Pin

75 thoughts on “When This Boat Crew Realized What They Were Seeing, It Was Almost Too Late To Escape”

  1. The Obama administration just ordered the EPA to bring charges of polluting the atmosphere against God Almighty at a cost of two billion dollars.

  2. Our earth has been evolving since the beginning of time. It is not something that has just started and caused by Global warming. All these things are natural. Let Nature get some of the credit and stop blaming man for everything. Nature knows what she’s doing. Let her have her fun.

    1. Mmm you made me chuckle when you mention Global warming, as being part of the cause without seeing it as one of the same..! What is happening below us is no difference from what is happening above us, it’s this planet doing what it’s been doing for billions of years, way before humans ever appeared on it.
      Furthermore this planet will continue to do what it’s been doing for billions of years, way after the human race is extinct, you need to remember this planet isn’t here for us, it’s just here and we are luck to be on it..!

      So it’s like what you said: “Nature know what it’s doing”..!

  3. Marco Esquandolas

    How did they manage to not record a single second of video? Makes the story somewhat dubious. Who here would choose to not record any of this? Exactly. Ridiculous.

  4. Yeah beautifully poetically entertained by natures grace, but what vengeance could it reap from what we sow? ? ?

  5. Cap'n Frenchie

    This is a testimony that should be exposed to all and especially sailors… Glad this moment was happening in the day time for this crew !.. Q: Was it a steel or glass hull? & I wonder how hot the water got as they were cking out this new island !

    1. I was thinking the same thing, but it may be ash or something coming down. I’m with ya though on your thoughts. 😉

  6. They should get naming rights. Mine might have been related to my first words upon seeing this. I would have called it Wallabeya Sunova island. If it had grown any larger, and remained an island, I’m sure there would have been a Wallabeya Sunova Beach.

  7. What people don’t realize en mass, is that this (article) is just one effect of the nearby presence of Planet X. Of course, you have to look at the big picture to see this. The sad fact is, that the approach of Planet X has been covered-up by the U.S. government since the early years of NASA space program, and since 2003 most international governments were informed by G.W. Bush at that time when it entered our inner solar system. Planet X is the reason for the wild weather, volcanic increase and the fireball increase to mention a few.

  8. Cool story. Without the date, time and coordinates, so I can look it up on google earth and any other maps that might or might not show land at that location before and after the event, I tend to think its made up. I’m not saying that this type of thing doesn’t happen, it’s just, as the story says, incredibly lucky to have stumbled on to an event such as this AND make it back unscathed… So I have my doubts.

  9. I have heard that ‘biblically’ speaking – when the world is coming to an end that the earth will all be joined together…I wonder if this is just the beginning of the eventual end…

    1. Don’t worry Daniel. This has been happening for a long time and the world is still here. You’ll be right mate.

  10. it is pumice stone floating on the water,(so you don’t have to click on it). I wish these postings would just state what the subject is, without forcing you to click further……….and WAIT……and WAIT……

    1. Natalie Williams yes, the complete story was fascinating! Which I would have missed if it was just explained that it was pumice stone floating in the water. Too many people just want a quick answer and do not want to take the time for an entire story…too bad!!! You might learn something new and interesting! ?

    2. Roz Thorn Mackey The article only scrolled down two lines every 90 seconds on my computer…yeah, I am not THAT patient-it would have taken half a hour to read 3 paragraphs. It is intentional that the subject/answer is not evident on the initial post, as there is no good reason not to mention it, and then let the reader decide if they are interested in further inquiry, rather than baiting them.. Pure manipulation.

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