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Beyond The Bounds

No matter how sturdy may be the caging restraints, freedom always finds its own way..

Freedom is not only to be out of the iron bars, but to be free to dream, free to breathe, free to think, free to believe and free to hold faith..

– – – Lifeline Creations By Tanu©2017

Beyond The Bounds


03:20 Hours:

Tunnnuuhhh… Tunnnuuhhh…”, Jack woke up to a loud strike of a tin cup on the metal bars.

Uuhh! I think it is time”, Jack thought to himself. Pulling down his black stripped white shirt, cautiously he looked around to see if anyone was watching.

In the dim pale yellow lights of the passage he could not see or hear anyone.

The night guards would, perhaps be smoking and gossiping in some corner or may have slept off”, he assumed as he pulled out from underneath his bed a 17” inch folded cardboard and a small pack containing some tiny things.

From the adjacent cell came a voice, “..fisss! Fiss..! Oyi! Up?

Shh.. get, set, free?” Jack asked with a grin.

You bet! Hurry we don’t have much time”.

03:30 Hours:

Removing the water can kept outside the two cells, Anthony emptied the stool for Jack to peacefully lay the black and white chess board, and chess pieces.

I’ll be black today..” said Anthony.

We have been tainted black my friend, five years and counting… Aah! you can play black, today. Hurry! The alarm will ring at 4’oclock”, replied Jack.

Jack and Anthony lived their freedom, each day, for this half an hour.

The only black and white pieces in and between those bars, which brought some colour, some vibrance, some life, some giggles, sometimes tears, and memories to help them counting and striking the time bars, sitting behind those tough iron bars.

 – – – Lifeline Creations By Tanu©2017