Before you Diagnose yourself with depression

Before you Diagnose yourself with depression

“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounding yourself with assholes.”
— William Gibson .

25 thoughts on “Before you Diagnose yourself with depression”

    1. I’m so sorry for you, dear. I hope you see the world with different eyes before you pass from it. It’s never too late to bring loving life into this world rather then more cruelty and destruction. I’ll keep you in my heart. Much love to you, hon ❤️

    2. Jennifer Sebits, perhaps you would have known the people I met before giving such advice. You can’t judge anybody if you don’t know their story. You surprise me with your words, I am always kind to you and everybody here and in my private life. But maybe you are having a bad day….

    3. No, hon. Just speaking from experience. Don’t lower yourself to level of those people and destroy what’s truly beautiful in your own soul. Wasn’t meant as unkind. It was sincere and said from the heart.

    4. Maybe I have more experience than you. Or different ones. And if somebody hurts me continuously or hurt the people I love, I’ll take distance from him or her. That was why love disappeared in my marriage and when I realized he was bad for me, I decided to get divorced. And facts now confirms everyday I did three right thing. I did “surgery” with him because he is an asshole. You better think before speak. You don’t know many things. And I guess I will leave a good memory in those who appreciate me because they know who i am.

  1. COOL I’ve read that 10 times and it makes me smile. I’m strong but I need to learn how to say what I want in a way that makes me feel good and ‘them’ not guilty, not bad! But it still needs to be said

  2. Optimism is hard to harvest when you are surrounded by Toxic Employers, or family members (of the in-law ilk). Let us promise ourselves that we will always look inward and strive to Go with our Gut feelings about staying in “toxic” situations. Happiness is harder than sadness; but sadness is an authentic experience to a COMPLETE human soul. Not to be ignored; to use to cultivate happiness.

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