Be The Kind Of Person Who Isn’t Afraid

Be The Kind Of Person Who Isn't Afraid

“Be the kind of person who isn’t afraid to ask someone if they are okay twice if they say they are, but look like they aren’t. Be the kind of person who smiles at people even if they don’t smile back. Be the kind of person you wished for when no one was there for you. Be the kind of person who is brave enough to stand alone in a crowd for what is right. Be that person because we need more people like that in the world. Be that person because people like that are rarer than the rarest diamonds and gold.”

-Nikita Gill, Be That Kind of Person

22 thoughts on “Be The Kind Of Person Who Isn’t Afraid”

  1. This has made me feel validated. Thank you. I am the way I am but always getting told I care too much and am annoying because I know when someone isn’t ok and ask them, then ask if they’re sure they’re ok etc., all my life I’ve had put downs because of the way I am naturally. It’s not my fault that I was born this way but I have been made to feel wrong for caring so much but my caring is genuine because I find it impossible to lie. Thank you x

  2. OH boy and does being this outspoken person get you into big trouble,I have found people don’t like it,sometimes I wish I could just clamp my mouth

  3. I was lucky enough to have those kind of people around me at times in my life! Mom #1, along with others I am happy I have the chance to thank for being kind and being the kind of person who was there for me and showed they were just that “kind of person.” πŸ™‚ <3

  4. I am the one who smiles , nice , kind and loving . However being brave is another thing , if I was Christian in the middle of a thousand Muslims and they’re seeking to kill Christians πŸ™‚ .lol figure the rest out lol

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