Are You Still Surviving? Start Living Instead.

It’s not wrong to say that Life is About Give And Take.

But have you ever thought that your life may be giving you good or bad, but what are you giving to your life?

A car, a house, a partner, kids, wealth, heath, growth… all or any of these, are these for life?


Whatever you do is for yourself or may be someone you love, or may be hate?

So are you doing enough for life for it to make you happy? Keep you happy?

Have you ever thought, why is breathing associated with surviving but not living?
A doctor in the hospital would say, “He’s survived”, but not lived?

Because only breathing is just surviving a life. Not living it.

Living life is more that just breathing it.

This brings me to the next question.
What is that ‘more’ which makes life lively and complete? Does it make it more livable and lovable too?

The answer lies within you.
You, and no one else, nothing else holds that key.

We all have a vision to have a happy life. But do we hold the perception to make it happy?

Living happily is not finding material content. True happiness cannot be achieved that route, ask the richest and wealthiest of all beings. It’s only breathing rich, fancy air  – which yes, undoubtedly is sufficient but never contending.

So what is missing?

Living with content and not cursing or cribbing or regreting or repenting, not wasting all your time scheming, planning, plotting, in each of your passing breaths.. Each of those breaths are wasted when you curse, crib or regret..
Even though we have survived all those moments.

Pause. Breathe. Enjoy this moment. Live it fully.
Not relatively, materialistically, but Absolutely.


Make a deliberate effort to smile each of your breaths. Pay gratitude that you can breathe. Rich or poor, whatever it may be.. you are able to breathe. People are living countable breaths, praying for more.. craving for it.
You are blessed!

When you smile each breath, you live it, rather than just breathing it for survival.

After all, my moment should have a reason to love me, as much as I want it to be happy and lovable.. right?

When you do justice to your life. In response, your life will do justice to you.

So instead of dragging your life and cribbing about it. Start appreciating it.

Each time you have a reason to complain, count one of your blessings.
You would not be able to repent and rather, would naturally smile with this change in your perspective.

Wisdom comes from wise.. But it is not the same. There is more to it, or else what would have been the need to derive a separate word?

It is a balance between sharpness of intelligence,
Skill of understanding,
Powered by feelings,
And acting but not reacting.

So think about the above, with not your mind; not your heart either but with your wisdom.

If this appeals you, take a pledge:

¤ If you are busy, have no time for negativity either. Rather keep yourself busy making your moment happy. It will reciprocate. For whatever goes around, comes around.



– – – Lifeline Creations by Tanu©

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1 thought on “Are You Still Surviving? Start Living Instead.”

  1. Well written… The question of what we give back to life has never crossed my mind. I had a different view about surviving and living. How the society is changing itself from living to surviving but this is really different, this is in fact a solution to the problem.

    Thank you Writer.

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