The Animal You See First Reveals Your Anger Trigger: Personality Test


Animal You See First

What makes you angry? Mean behavior, stupidity, narcissistic people, or betrayal? Find out with this short personality test! The animal you see first reveals your anger triggers! 

How a person thinks, feels, behaves, or responds to others around them defines his or her personality. An individual’s personality includes his behavioral traits, those acquired and innate. These traits are expressed in their day-to-day activities, likes and dislikes, and way of living life. 

Therefore, what irritates you or triggers your anger is unique to you and can say a lot about you. Do you want to know what triggers your anger? Take this personality test now!

See the image below and note the animal you see first

animal you see first - personality test

Check out your anger triggers based on the animal you see first

1. Kangaroo

Seeing a kangaroo first means betrayal is your anger trigger. 

You are pure, selfless with a spirit of a lion. Although you have faced many ups and downs in life, you never let your past haunt you. 

You are kind as long as people are loyal to you. You love to be around real and down-to-earth people. Liars and fake friends have no place in your life. You aren’t angry often, but when you do, people need to run. 

2. Bear

If the animal you see first is a bear, narcissistic people are your anger trigger. 

You are a complex, rare, caring, and genuine person. Although you prioritize friends and folks, you don’t let people push you around. You are a pure-hearted person and cannot stand fake or manipulative people or backstabbers. 

3. Fox

If fox is the animal you see first, your anger trigger is – overbearing people. 

You can learn new things from a watchman or a CEO of a big business. Whether it is your parents trying to intimidate you or the prime minister of your country trying to push a bill it is illogical to you. You hate people who trust authority over reason or logic. 

4. Fish

If you see fish first, stupid people trigger your anger. 

You use your common sense, intelligence, or imagination to solve problems or make decisions. You hate people who argue, refuse to help, laugh at others, and are sarcastic. 

5. Giraffe

If you spot a giraffe first, your anger trigger is manipulators!

You hate people who don’t respect your time and life. You can’t stand when people take advantage of your weakness and use your insecurities against you. You are a genuinely kind person and expect the same from others. 

6. Lion

If you saw a lion first, giving up is your anger trigger. 

You have a courageous and heroic heart. You hate giving up on things that you love or want to achieve. You are a highly self-confident and warm-hearted person. 

7. Elephant

If you saw an elephant first, mean behavior is your anger trigger. 

You have a confident and steady personality. Even though you appear intimidating, you are kind and loving towards people you trust. You hate mean people and act ruthlessly with them. And you don’t forget such people easily. 

8. Dolphin

If a dolphin is an animal you see first, then your anger trigger is people who are not original or authentic. 

If you saw a dolphin first, you are a creative imaginative person and you always focus on originality. You dislike people who put on a face mask to fit into a crowd or please others for favors. 

9. Cat

Talkative people are your anger trigger.

Some people may think you are shy but you hate talking too much. You live your life your way and don’t want attention from people. You don’t care what others think of you. 

10. Rabbit

Seeing a rabbit first means negative people trigger your anger. 

You are creative and full of energy and enthusiasm. Laughing and spreading happiness is what you like. And people who carry sadness or any sort of negative feelings make you angry. 

11. Eagle

Drama and making mountains out of molehills trigger your anger. 

You want to fly high in life even if it is solo. You are focused and precise in your approach and you leave nothing to chance. You have no time for drama and other petty things of life and want others to think like you. 

Did you find your anger triggers? Let us know in the comments below.

(Disclaimer: This personality test is for your entertainment/infotainment purposes. So, don’t take results by heart. Not all online quizzes and test results are 100% accurate).

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