An Open Letter To The Lord

Dear Lord,

We know that life is not always fair and pleasant but it’s still darn good. There are no instructions how to go about it but it’s okay. We all wake up each day to face the battle in this insular world, anyway. There are mornings when we get up, thinking that maybe life will not go the way we dreamed it. There are nights that we thought life is too much to bear. Many times, we failed and few times, we survived but it’s alright.

Life has been full of sufferings and pains but we survived because  we learned how to stay strong through your guidance. Sometimes, life made us feel so lost and not sure where we are heading to. At times, we feel tired and disheartened and wonder if we should have even started the journey in the first place. There are no sure direction of the way because the map is not well- defined.

There are times we are looking for happiness and at times, we think life is unfair. We may  readily agree with the statement that all men are equal. But we don’t have to live long before discovering that life treats some people better than us or others. Some people work so hard and remain poor while others are born to wealth or seem to get all the breaks. Some people enjoy good health, others don’t. Some people are begging for just a piece of bread to live. But this is something we have to understand and accept without resentment. When we look at others and see the unfairness of life, please teach us to always, always change our focus.

It’s true happiness is so elusive. Some of us always come to the world crying. They said being happy is the simplest thing in the world but that’s a lie. It’s hard for us to be  happy and we often wonder why. We spent too much time begging for something and it torments us that we have never received what we were begging for. There are people who are so cruel breaking our hearts into pieces. People often squeezed us like lemons and we go through an excruciating pain. People are endlessly hurting us but please teach us to include them in our prayers each night when we rest our head on our pillows. We don’t know what tomorrow may bring, teach us to forgive and  never, ever hold negative feelings in our hearts for too long.

Let us always remember that there is nothing permanent in this world. There is nothing precise. That what we have learned from the books we read each day is emotional. Love is not always easy, we know that. We cannot always make someone love us. But we will try to be the one who can be loved, in any way.

In this world where callous thoughtfulness and selfish indifference are all too common, teach us how to be more and more compassionate to others in a sense that could make our lives wonderful especially when motivated with your love. Let us find solace in our shortcomings when we look at them through the lens of self-acceptance. We need your guidance and strength. We know that  we are under your powerful hands, show us your unfailing love each day that we may enjoy the moments of great joy and unimaginable sweetness of life. Give us your peace in the midst of our difficulties. Stretch our patience to enlarge our soul. Lord, give us a task we enjoy or a person whose company we love and could make time irrelevant.

We know that this journey of our lives requires strength, perseverance and inevitable struggles along the way, both within and without. For as long as we have your unfailing love for us, we will never give up no matter what.We will continue for a good fight. 

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