8 Reasons Why You Must Tell Someone You Like Them

Reasons Why You Must Tell Someone You Like Them

Remember that feeling when you start liking someone, and you feel butterflies in your stomach? How you smile ear to ear just thinking about them? How just one text from them can make your day better? Beginning to like someone is one of the best feelings anyone can experience. But, sometimes you hesitate to tell someone when you like them. 

Why is that? Maybe you are scared that they won’t like you back, they will reject you for some reason, or simply because you are scared. When you like someone, you should always tell them how you feel about them, otherwise, you will never know. Chances are they also like you a lot, but because you didn’t say anything they assumed you don’t feel the same.

This vicious cycle might end up preventing both of you from the chance of having a very happy and fulfilling relationship. 

Here Are 8 Reasons Why You Should Always Tell Someone When You Like Them

1. You deserve to know want they think.

The harsh truth about liking someone and falling for them is that sometimes they won’t share the same feelings as you. But that does not mean you won’t tell someone when you like them. You deserve an answer from them, and you deserve to know what is going on. 

If they like you back, then great! In case they don’t, at least you will know where you stand. No matter how much it hurts, having clarity about the other person’s feelings is important for you to take care of yourself and move on. 

2. It sets your heart free. 

When you tell someone that you like them, it sets you free from all the assumptions, presumptions, questions, and doubts you might have. Once you know how the other person genuinely feels about you, you will be able to stop reading too much into everything.

Even if they don’t like you back, it might hurt you but it will stop you from overthinking and constantly waiting for them to text you or contact you in any way. It might sting, but you will slowly get over it with time because you know what the truth is.

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3. You won’t be strung along. 

If you are someone who gets attached very quickly, then it’s best you tell someone when you like them. This will help you comprehend what the person actually feels and whether or not, both of you have a future together. Not knowing what is going on is way worse than knowing the actual, or even painful truth.

The more you get attached, the more you will end up getting hurt. And that will make it tougher for you to move on from them. You wouldn’t want to be strung along for a very long time, only to realize that there’s absolutely no future with them.

Why You should Tell Someone When You Like Them
Why You Should Tell Someone When You Like Them


4. Life is very short. 

As they say, life is very short to not say what you feel on the inside. No one knows what tomorrow holds, what is written in the future, and whether or not, you will ever see that person again. 

It’s better to pour your heart out and say what you feel than live the rest of your life regretting not expressing your feelings. If you tell someone that you like them and have feelings for them, then at least you will be happy about the fact that you had nothing to hide.

5. You will be able to move on. 

If the person you like does not reciprocate your feelings, the best thing about it will be that you will be able to move on. Yes, it will hurt initially, but you will be fine. The moment you know and accept that you won’t be getting the love you are looking from them, you will move on.

Another silver lining to this is, that you will be able to date others without any hesitation or sense of guilt. You won’t have to think about how the other person will feel or whether you are doing the right thing or not.

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6. It will feel a lot better. 

Bottling up your feelings inside will not do anyone any good, especially you. It will start to affect you mentally and emotionally, for not being able to talk about something that means so much to you. Having a secret as big as this cooped up inside you can only make matters worse.

By telling them that you like them and want to be in a relationship with them, it will make you feel lighter and a thousand times better. It is impossible to conceal feelings like these forever. Expressing your genuine feelings will also prevent you from all the heartache and pain you feel every single time you deny that you don’t have feelings that are more than just friendship.

7. It shows your courage.

It takes a lot of courage on someone’s part when they talk about their feelings, without knowing the answer they might get. Especially when it comes to something as sensitive as love. When you decide to confess your feelings for someone, there is a chance that there might be rejection on the other side.

Confessing your true feelings is also brave because you are not scared to ask for what you want from them, or the consequences that might come after it. It shows how mature and strong you are as a person. 

8. You will experience closure.

Almost everyone who has been in love or has been hurt in love knows that dragging something or slowly drifting apart hurts like hell. There is no point in waiting for the spark to leave because that will end up hurting you more.

When you tell someone that you like them, you are putting everything on the table. How the other person reciprocates is not in your control, but at least you will be happy about the fact that you were transparent and you know what their answer is. No matter what the future holds for you both, at least you will have closure. 

Talking about your feelings can feel terrifying sometimes, but it is always better to get everything off your chest. It might hurt at first, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for you. You never know, your soulmate might be waiting just around the corner!

If you want to know more about why you should tell someone when you like them, then check out this video below:

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