A Communication With HIM

“A Communication with HIM”

On a day, I was pondering that how this world operates; not within its materialistic purview but beyond that on a spiritual ground. I was looking for an answer beyond the common notion.

One of the theories that our spiritual leaders preach is that,

Everything that happens in this world is the will of GOD.
Every form that comes into life is His desire,
Every glory of mankind is His Grace,
Every plague that falls on us is His rage,
He resides in us so every action of ours is His act,

Everything that happens or had happened is the part of His plans and every step we will take shall fulfill the plans he contrives for us.

But these theories seem to me not so palpable. I find them rather conflicting to the very contents they portray. They say “Every action of ours is the part of His plans” yet He judges our actions and bestows us with boons or punishes us with banes on the basis of our merits. It sounds like judging your own self and rewarding and punishing your own acts.

They say He is omnipresent and omnipotent so that makes His judgments non-fallible, then how come our actions ushered by His Will are fallible.

So many theories which literally make the world operate yet they don’t make much sense to me. Ergo I tried to contrive one of my own theories

I believe that God has created this world, breathed life in us and made this whole world operational. He created man and the nature but these are not created in isolation and ergo these do not act independently. Birth of one is the result of incarnation of the other. His idea to create the divergent components of this universe cannot be based on a random thought. It is the result of a painstaking plan to make a synchronized and harmonious union of all components. So I see this world as a self-regulated and down-rightly automated system. He will never make a world that has almost everything yet it needs to look to Him for every answer. A power so strong will never create a thing so flawed that His creation needs the answers from its master for every other situation. This system works on its own, the action of one unit is the stimulus to the other component; the complete system is the epitome of cause and effect relationship. “Our actions in this system are not predestined but the ramifications of it follow the protocols set by Him.”

He does not intervene in every situation that is a result of our actions because this system is equipped with all the stuff needed to tackle it, you simply need to look for the right tool to shape it to your own advantage or reduce its ferocity; you don’t need to pray you just need to discover what is present somewhere here. We are responsible for our actions in an automated system. There is nothing like destiny, there are just standardized behaviors of every unit of the system. He had established several strata of behaviors in the beginning of the universe linked with different ilk of actions. When we choose the behavior associated with a higher stratum, we evolve; and when a lower class of behaviors is generally accepted, the decline starts. Every action is linked with two set of behaviors, one for the unit that is acting and other for the one that shall be affected and respond in answer. The first class of behavior linked with an action shapes the persona of the acting body; depending on the action it either promotes him to a higher stratum of behavior or makes him fall to a lower unpopular class of behavior, which further leads him to take actions associated with his new class of behavior. Ergo it is like a “vicious behavior” where your behavior makes you to take an action; your action promotes or demotes you to a higher or lower stratum of behavior which further has a bearing on what your future action might be. Your current behavior tries to preserve the status quo through actions. On the other hand, the second class of behavior associated with your action that is the one elicited in the affected unit. The affected unit has a choice of action, it can either behave in the same manner you treated it or act differently but his choice shall lead him either to a higher stratum of behavior or a lower one.

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