9 Weird Things Your OCD Makes You Do

Weird Things Your OCD Makes You Do

What exactly is OCD? Well, do you have some behavior patterns that are continuous? You spend a lot of time and energy trying to calm yourself from doing it. It may be strange thoughts and anxieties that trigger you to take a lot of stress, this could be an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). 

Many people associate OCD with washing hands obsessively, organizing the desk or putting things back in order, but it is so much more than that.

OCD is a mental health disorder characterized by invasive, distressing thoughts or compulsive behaviors. Obsessions can be persistent and recurring thoughts on the other hand compulsions are something that you may engage in to help soothe those thoughts.

If you’ve found it difficult to relate to someone or face some of the strange thoughts or concerns, or if you find yourself compelled to perform these routines, here are 9 weird things your OCD makes you do.

Weird Things Your OCD Makes You Do info
9 Weird Things Your OCD Makes You Do

1. You obsess over things that people don’t even pay attention to.

There are many stereotypes about what people do when they have OCD. People usually associate it with walking into a room and starting to clean or repeatedly turning on and off a light.

However, it is much more than that the “obsessive” part can be overly sensitive to bad news. Some small detail of an analogy that emerges in discussions (that everyone else dismisses as a minor detail) will bother you for days after you hear it. You cannot easily let go of thoughts as well, let alone actions

When someone says something to you, your mind will constantly replay details and make you nervous, and you try to pause those replays in your mind frequently. 

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2. You are particular about everything. 

When we say everything, we really mean everything. Most people assume that you’re a perfectionist and like to do things in order. Whereas part of it is true, but there is a need to have situations and objects exactly right, you like keeping things aligned and in symmetry moreover, you are keen on keeping things in a specific place or in order.

It is not just a quirk or something you fancy doing, you are the type of person who pays attention to minute details that other people don’t notice. Hence, it compels you to be particular about certain things which are known as rituals.

3. You try too hard to hide your OCD pretending you’re okay, but they don’t realize how hard it is for you.

OCD is something that cannot be hidden while you are experiencing obsessive panic while sitting across from your friends; you try to make small talk as they tell their stories, but deep down you know how uneasy you are.

Many people with OCD have habits that become active when they are anxious or panicking. To keep themselves calm, they shake their feet or crack their knuckles, even scribble on a piece of paper.

Most people are unaware that when you have OCD, you can experience an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, guilt, or negative thoughts. You may also feel ashamed, embarrassed, and even indulge in self-hatred for feeling this way.

Along with you and the people around you need to accept that you cannot completely control your thoughts. Thereby allowing you to build the habit of acknowledging your thoughts.

4.You deliberately lean towards activities that take your time entirely. 

When you’re trying to deal with your OCD, your mind tends to creep into irrational fears and intrusive thoughts that make you anxious. 

So, to keep your mind from drifting, you pursue tasks or other activities that consume your thoughts and do not allow you to think about anything else. It is a coping mechanism for your obsessive thoughts that provide you with temporary relief. This action is known as refocusing.

For instance, when an obsessive thought comes to your mind, you quickly indulge in another behavior or action to keep your mind busy.

Sometimes you do it intentionally as you want to be completely engrossed in action because it prevents your mind from wandering and obsessing over insignificant issues.

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