8 Reasons Why Love Is Not Enough For A Relationship

While the majority of us perceive love to be sufficient to stay in a relation, it is far from truth. A person needs many more things than love to actually be happy while being together with a partner. Imagine if like-mindedness means nothing to you? Is love the only key to all the success and contentment in life?  Let’s not overrate the value of love and forget everything else. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate if we say that we need love in a relation. However, that’s alone is insufficient to keep a relation strong and beautiful. Let us see why.

1. Love doesn’t always go hand in hand with compatibility

Sometimes even incompatible people can get attracted towards each other and develop feelings. While love can be a stronger emotion to stay together, it is the like-mindedness that will preserve your association. To lead a pleasing and satisfactory life, partners should have some camaraderie.  It can be anything like watching movies together, traveling or reading free papers online! Such things make a partner value other’s sentiments and emotions.

2. Love cannot solve complications in a relation

When relationships go through a rough patch, it is time for the couple to work on that, together. What if the partners have love but no time to resolve the issues between themselves? How will you survive in such a condition? Will you be able to resolve any issue then? No, that will definitely not solve the problem but simplifying the complications might help.


3. You can’t name sacrifice as “love”

When in love, people generally forget that they need to value themselves first to keep the fire alive. In the process of caring for and pleasing their partners, they often forget about their own requirements or wants, which is terribly wrong. If you aren’t confident and satisfied with yourself, how will you make others happy? A person who sacrifices his/her interests, career or self-respect in the name of love towards someone can never have long-lasting relationships.

4. Love doesn’t need a return but, do you?

Well, real love doesn’t need anything in return but don’t you want a spouse who respects you and treats you nicely in return to all your efforts? In every relationship, couples want the partners to reciprocate their emotions and do favors in return. That makes you feel valued and cared for, which in turn lays the foundation of your bond.

5. Communication is vital

A strong relation is based on four pillars of affection, trust, honesty, and communication. Communication helps understand each other better. Unveil your thoughts to your partner and freely express yourself. Discuss how you see the companionship growing. After all, when you express your feelings, only then your partner will get a hint of your thoughts and emotions.

Trust strengthens the Relations

Trust is one of the most crucial factors to value in any relationship. People should trust each other and respect their individuality. But beware, trusting wisely and trusting blindly are two entirely diverse concepts. We recommend trusting wisely and in the right way.

6. Life values play a major part too

You might have feelings for someone who doesn’t hold the same life values and principles as yours. The value system defines person’s believes, reactions and behavior. One who has different values than yours might make a good companion initially but it becomes very difficult to compromise too much in the long run. As a result, people often start feeling suffocated living by each other’s side. In such a scenario, it is better to quit rather than being choked in a dead relation.


To conclude, love is not enough for a relation to survive and keep others happy. There are other things also that you need to make a relation work. ‘Happy ever after is the result of a long journey, and you need to make efforts to make it happen. Though it is easier said than done, give your relationship some time and make efforts until you both come to the same understanding that love is definitely needed to make a relationship work but that is not the only thing required!

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