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7 Roles That Men Play Which ‘Seem’ Great But Actually Makes a Woman Miserable

Their relationship then evolves into one where the woman needs her man, even if she doesn’t necessarily want him. This gives the Knight in Shining Armor a sort of power and dominance over her that is never healthy, not even for cartoon characters.

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5. The Business Man

The Business Man is rational, predictable, and concerned with fairness.

These are traits that get him promoted at his firm, but in love, they can turn him into a miser, so concerned with things being equal that he keeps track of who pays for what, who last did the dishes, and who owes who an orgasm.

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As one can probably guess, romance isn’t the Business Man’s forte.

Relationships are a two-way street; that’s in self-help books and on bumper stickers everywhere. So, yes, things are fair, but at the cost of tenderness, sacrifice, and love. There are times when he expects to give more and, other times when she will.


6. The Peter Pan

Straight out of Neverland, the Peter Pan is the man who has never grown up. He’s fun, for sure, and women adore his whimsical nature, and his light-hearted playfulness, go with the flow attitude, and spontaneity are all attractive. But everyone has to grow up at some point.

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What the Peter Pan fails to get is his partner’s respect. He has plans that his woman knows will never come to fruition, he isn’t willing to put in hard work or consistent effort, and he’s a perpetual underachiever.

He can’t actually deal with real emotions and real problems, and that makes his relationships ultimately very fake.


7. The Seducer

The Seducer has one focus: his woman. He says exactly what she wants to hear and makes her feel like she’s more attractive than any other girl in the whole world — even more attractive than the hypothetical baby Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry have together.

That, of course, makes him compelling, because after all, what women doesn’t want to hear those things?

The problem is that the Seducer doesn’t really desire a relationship, he merely wants the chase to flatter his own self-worth. Once he lands his conquest, he isn’t sure what to do with her so he just bats her around like a cat does a mouse.

He’s scared by the thought of long-term and is not marriage material. Some women will fall for this, others will see through him like a window that has just been washed.


Adopting one of the above roles from time to time isn’t likely to hurt a relationship.

And the truth is, most men have a little of each persona inside of him.

But playing one part, and only one part creates a dynamic that makes it very difficult for a relationship to survive, and all but impossible for it to prosper.

Written by Clayton Olson

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7 Roles That Men Play Which 'Seem' Great But Actually Makes a Woman Miserable

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Clayton Olson
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