7 Little Things That Will Keep Your Relationship Afloat While You Battle Busy

7 Little Things That Will Keep Your Relationship Afloat While You Battle Busy

I decided a few months ago that even though I’ve been ultra busy— that it was time to get a puppy.

Clearly, choosing now to housebreak a puppy— with the work that comes with doing that properly was the calm, centered, rational choice.

Now I realize that some of you have kids (maybe more than a few), jobs and businesses of your own. Sometimes it seems like there’s just not enough hours in the day for the responsibilities you do have, let alone optimizing anything.

Unfortunately, that mentality is how we get ourselves into trouble in our relationships in the first place. Our once good relationship becomes an afterthought and one day we find ourselves coping with a breakup or a divorce. We simply don’t get ourselves into relationships and think about optimizing things between us. Or we think about it when one of us has already “had it” and is ready to throw in the towel.

What if instead, you could do preventative maintenance?

Here’s a few things to try to keep things running happily between the two of you:


1. Pick up where the other person left off.

When the other person has lost the time or energy to complete something, see if you can help in some way. If there’s something that the other person really loves having clean or ready for them, try to help if you can.

This sounds obvious, but it takes a little thought and observation to find out what your partner really wants versus what you think they want. Sometimes what would really make a difference for them isn’t what you’re doing. As human beings, we tend to think in terms of what we really like and think that carries over to someone else. That leads us to try really hard meeting needs they don’t actually have and we do everything EXCEPT what would make a huge difference to the other person. Ask them what they really want and do that. Let the other stuff fall by the wayside. That leads me to my next point.


2. Let unimportant things slide.

Look, it would be super cool if we could all have our houses perfectly in order like Better Homes and Gardens photo spreads. But that gets pretty lonely if you don’t have someone to share it with.

Want a perfect house or a great relationship?

Either delegate to professionals if you have the money, or tolerate a higher level of disorder. The way the dishwasher is loaded means NOTHING in the grand scheme of things. Let go of what doesn’t matter— in favor of time together. Same goes for looking at random stuff on the internet or mindlessly channel surfing.


3. Leave notes.

A simple little note that says “I love you” scrawled on a piece of scratch paper can be a bigger deal than you think. It’s not the effort, it’s the thought. Write on the bathroom mirror. Something more concrete than the standard text message.

What do you think?

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