2018 Is The Year of Shiva: The God of Healing & Destruction


2018 Is The Year of Shiva: The God of Healing & Destruction

Shiva Is The Powerful God of Healing And Destruction: 2018 is His Year

2018 – Number 11 year

2018 is an 11 number according to Numerology ( 2+0+1+8 = 11) It is the exact energetic frequency that corresponds to destruction and healing which enables us to clear out our past and heal ourselves thoroughly at the same time. In Hindu Culture, number 11 is a Divine and auspicious number 

Number Eleven Corresponds to Lord Shiva

All years carry their own unique vibration signature, and the energy that 2018 embodies, aligns perfectly with the energy of Hindu’s revered supreme God Shiva, lord of the universe, who in Hindu tradition manifests as 11 forms of Rudras.

2018 carries the exact energetic frequency that enables us to clear out our past and heal ourselves.

Who is Shiva? A Man, Myth or Divine?

Who is Shiva? Many stories and legends surround this figure. Is he a god? Or a construct of collective imagination? Or is there a deeper meaning to Shiva, revealed only to those who seek?

When we say “Shiva,” there are two fundamental aspects that we are referring to. The word “Shiva” means literally, “that which is not.” Today, modern science is proving to us that everything comes from nothing and goes back to nothing. The basis of existence and the fundamental quality of the cosmos is vast nothingness. The galaxies are just a small happening – a sprinkling. The rest is all vast empty space, which is referred to as Shiva. That is the womb from which everything is born, and that is the oblivion into which everything is sucked back. Everything comes from Shiva and goes back to Shiva.

The word “Shiva” means literally, “that which is not.” On another level, when we say “Shiva,” we are referring to a certain yogi, the Adiyogi or the first yogi, and also the Adi Guru, the first Guru.

2018 Is The Year of Shiva: The God of Healing & Destruction

Shiva is described as a non-being, not as a being.

Shiva is not described as light but as darkness. 

Light is a limited happening in the sense that any source of light – whether a light bulb or the sun – will eventually lose its ability to give out light. Light is not eternal. It is always a limited possibility because it happens and it ends. Darkness is a much bigger possibility than light. Nothing needs to burn, it is always – it is eternal.

Darkness is everywhere. It is the only thing that is all pervading.

A multitude of myths exist about Shiva. He is Adiyogi but he is also ‘all that is not’. Yogis are those who have lived the life they were meant to live. He is the reason for the change in the way death and annihilation is perceived. The concept of defeating the ego comes from him.

Shiva manifests in various ways. His unseen self is seen in the Lingam which represents the male aspect of the energy of creation.

It is the most well known form and is present in most temples and homes. This year is Shiva’s year so it will be a fairly destructive one and be prepared for all sorts of transformation.

While Shiva’s blessings may not seem like blessings when they come, you will soon realize that whatever is happening is essential for you to grow and develop. He is the primal energy of man and the sun is one of his symbols.


If you’re only tapping into your male energy, it will tire you out and you will be under a lot of stress. Make sure that you are balancing both the male and the female, Shiva and Shakti within you. They must be working together in equal partnership.

If Shiva and Shakti do not match, there will be confusion and disorder in your life. You can stabilize them by meditating. Take some time every day, practice breathing and feel the energy flowing through you, washing all your worries away.

This might seem like a lot to take in but it is just the tip of the iceberg. This year will be a complete roller coaster so be prepared for anything that might happen.

Whatever comes your way will have its own purpose so take it all in and analyze it as deep as you can.

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2018 - The Year of Shiva: The God of Healing & Destruction

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