Zodiac Signs While Making Out


Zodiac Signs While Making Out

Zodiac Signs While Making Out  

Aries: Will hold you tightly and kiss you, the most passionate kiss for sure, they are carefully aggressive and passionate.  

Taurus: Will stare at your lips, and when they finally kiss you, you’ll feel like exploding. They are carefully intimate  

Gemini: The most experimental about kissing styles. They will probably try to make you start the physical advancement instead of them.  

Cancer: Most romantic kiss you’ll ever experience, you’ll forget the world around you. usually naturally submissive.  

Leo: They will kiss you like you have never been kissed before, you will never forget a Leo’s kiss, never  

Virgo: They don’t like much talking and don’t worry they will kiss you first and when they kiss you phew be ready for a firework  

Libra: Will stroke your hair and stare into your eyes, they do it so softly that you almost feel like losing your breath  

Scorpio: Will give you this incredibly cheeky grin which will drive you crazy and crave for more, more! They combine physical passion with emotions, steady but builds up fast.  

Sagittarius: The most genuine kiss you’ll ever experience, when they kiss you, you truly know they want you, you’ll feel so safe with them  

Capricorn: They are so careful they will touch you like you’re the most fragile thing on earth and their kisses are so soft and innocent, it feels like an angel kissing you  

Aquarius: Their kisses are thoughtful and last long, you will forget about time, space your name…  

Pisces: Their kisses are the sweetest and the most innocent. No specific pattern and that’s what makes it more romantic.

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