Zodiac Sign Villain Name Generator

zodiac sign villain name

Zodiac Sign Villain Name

Aries: Shadow

Taurus: Skull

Gemini: Mastermind

Cancer: Wizard

Leo: Ninja

Virgo: Devil

Libra: Freak

Scorpio: Beast

Sagittarius: Master

Capricorn: Slayer

Aquarius: Monster

Pisces: Mutant

A: The Evil

B: The Mad

The Big

The Dangerous

E: The Black

F: The Ghostly

G: Professor

H: Doctor

I: Phantom

J: The Brutal

K: The Unstoppable

L: The Vile

M: The Dark

N: The Crazy

O: The Iron

P: The Poison

Q: The Scary

R: The Bloody

S: The Dark

T: The Rancid

U: The Invisible

V: The Captain

W: The Atomic

X: The Mega

Y: The Grand

Z: The Fierce

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